Inactive-Withdrawn Standard

IEEE S-135

IEEE/IPECEA Power Cable Ampacities - Copper Conductors - Aluminum Conductors

The present tables are intended as successors to the tables compiled and issued by the IPCEA in 1943. Those were based on work by the former National Electric Light Association (NELA). The Foreword to those tables may well serve for the present tables.

Inactive-Withdrawn Standard

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Other Activities From This Working Group

Current projects that have been authorized by the IEEE SA Standards Board to develop a standard.

No Active Projects

Standards approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board that are within the 10-year lifecycle.

No Active Standards

These standards have been replaced with a revised version of the standard, or by a compilation of the original active standard and all its existing amendments, corrigenda, and errata.

No Superseded Standards

These standards have been removed from active status through a ballot where the standard is made inactive as a consensus decision of a balloting group.

No Inactive-Withdrawn Standards

These standards are removed from active status through an administrative process for standards that have not undergone a revision process within 10 years.

No Inactive-Reserved Standards

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