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IEEE P62646

Standard for Nuclear Power Plants - Control rooms - Computer based procedures

This standard establishes the requirements and recommendations for designing, developing, validating, maintaining and implementing all types of procedures that a utility may decide to computerize. Plant operating procedures specifically refers to procedures that are used to monitor and control the plant from designated contol locations such as the main control room or supplementary control points. To the extent that other plant procedures, e.g. maintenance, are similar to plant operating procedures, the guidance provided in this standard may be applied at the discretion of the user. As a first step, this standard provides guidance for making a utility policy about which procedures to computerize and to what extent. Procedures which will then be computerized are designated as computer based procedures (CBP). As CBP are basically operating procedures, there are many common points between paper based procedures and CBP. Therefore this standard focuses only on what is specific to CBP.

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PE/NPE - Nuclear Power Engineering
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/NPE - Nuclear Power Engineering
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Working Group
WG_5.1 - Human Factors Analysis and Measurement
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Christian Orlando
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Jeffrey JOE

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