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IEEE 325-1971

IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Germanium Gamma-Ray Detectors

Germanium detectors are extensively used for the detection and analysis of gamma-radiation primarily because of their excellent energy resolution. The rapid development and utilization of these detectors in a variety of technical disciplines have made standard test procedures desirable so that measurements may have the same meaning to all manufacturers and users. These test procedures are not intended to imply that all tests described herein are mandatory, but only that such tests as are carried out on completed devices should be performed in accordance with these recommended procedures. These test procedures are a supplement to the following documents: IEEE Std 300-1969, Test Procedure for Semiconductor Radiation Detectors, (ANSI N42.1-1969) and IEEE Std 301-1969, Test Procedure for Amplifiers and Preamplifiers for Semiconductor Radiation Detectors, (ANSI N42.2-1969)

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