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3D Map Data Representation for Robotics and Automation

This standard extends the IEEE 1873-2015 Standard for Robot Map Data Representation from two-dimensional (2D) maps to three-dimensional (3D) maps. The standard develops a common representation and encoding for 3D map data, to be used in applications requiring robot operation, like navigation and manipulation, in all domains (space, air, ground/surface, underwater, and underground). The standard encoding is devoted to exchange map data between robot systems, while allowing robot systems to use their private internal representations for efficient map data processing. The standard places no constraints on where map data comes from nor on how maps are constructed.

Sponsor Committee
RAS/SC - Standing Committee for Standards
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IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Sponsor Committee
RAS/SC - Standing Committee for Standards
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Working Group
3D-MDR - Robot 3D Map Data Representation
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Tom Thompson
Working Group Chair
Francesco Amigoni
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