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Recommended Practice for Pulse-Type Partial Discharge Measurements on Individual Stator Coils and Bars

This document describes pulse-type partial discharge (PD) test methods for individual form-wound stator coils and bars that are equipped with PD suppression coatings and energized using a sinusoidal voltage source. It includes a procedure for measurement in terms of apparent charge at frequencies below 1 MHz. It also includes a procedure for measurements in millivolts at higher frequencies up to 100 MHz. This document does not provide pass/fail criteria.

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PE/EM - Electric Machinery
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/EM - Electric Machinery
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Matl - WG2465/Pulse-type PD - Materials SC - Pulse-type partial discharge measurements on individual stator coils and bars
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Malia Zaman
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Valeria Pevtsov
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