IEEE IC Big Data Governance and Metadata Management: Standards Roadmap

This document focuses on forming a community of interest from industry, academia, and government, intending to develop a standards roadmap for Big Data Governance and Metadata Management (BDGMM). The approach includes the following: *Review BDGMM-related technology trends, use cases, general requirements, and reference architecture; * Gain an understanding of what standards are available or under development that may apply to BDGMM; * Perform standards, gap analysis, and document the findings; and * Document vision and recommendations for future BDGMM standards activities that could have a significant industry impact. Within the multitude of best practices and standards applicable to BDGMM-related technology, this document focuses on approaches that: (1) apply to situations encountered in BDGMM; (2) explore best BDGMM architectures that may be nonexistent, and (3) facilitate addressing BDGMM industry use cases’ needs.


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