IEEE 3D Body Processing Industry Connections (3DBP IC): Communication, Security, and Privacy

The 3DBP IC Communications, Security and Privacy (CSP) subgroup is investigating the protection of data and records that may contain personal information, and how to ensure users and consumers expectations relative to privacy and security. The subgroup has determined that the requirements from the IEEE draft standards of P7002, P7004, and P7012 can be applied to 3DBP to help ensure security and privacy. Furthermore, it appears existing standards and industry practices will be helpful to enable the CSP to create requirements as normative clauses in a standard, and will use the existing standards, to the extent possible, to help enable safe, secure, transparent, and private processing of 3DBP information. In addition, the global impact of the EU GDPR will have a rippling influence on privacy requirements and the CSP is further assessing GDPR relative to data and record exchange in terms of privacy and security.

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