A Transdisciplinary Strategic Approach to Implementing an Effective Hospital-At-Home Framework

The rise in the incidence of global pandemics and climate catastrophes demonstrates that the demand for healthcare services is stretched beyond what services can be effectively provided. Even with increased healthcare spending in recent years in the United States and worldwide, access to healthcare resources has declined for many. To improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare solutions to meet this increasing demand and increase patient self-efficacy, connected healthcare solutions, including hospital-at-home, are being introduced. Many limitations exist for hospital-at-home models, including policy gaps, technological gaps, and issues patients face specific to their health outcomes. To overcome these limitations, a transdisciplinary framework for hospital-at-home is presented in this white paper. Barriers to the implementation of this framework are discussed, including healthcare worker burnout and the impact on the social determinants of health. Potential extensions to the transdisciplinary framework beyond hospital-at-home are also presented.

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