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8802-1X-2013 - /ISO/IEC Information technology -- Part 1X: Port-based network access controlPort-based network access control allows a network administrator to restrict the use of IEEE 802(R) LAN service access points (ports) to secure... Active Standard
8802-1AB-2014 - ISO/IEC/International Part 1AB: Station and Media Access Control Connectivity DiscoveryThis document defines a protocol and a set of managed objects that can be used for discovering the physical topology from adjacent stations in... Active Standard
8802-1AE-2013 - ISO/IEC/International Part 1AE: Media access control (MAC) securityThis standard specifies how all or part of a network can be secured transparently to peer protocol entities that use the MAC Service provided by... Active Standard
8802.1AR-2014 - ISO/IEC/International Part 1AR: Secure device identityA secure device identifier (DevID) is cryptographically bound to a device and supports authentication of the device’s identity. Locally... Active Standard
8802-1AS-2014 - ISO/IEC/International Part 1AS: Timing and synchronization for time-sensitive applications in bridged local area networksThis standard defines a protocol and procedures for the transport of timing over bridged and virtual bridged local area networks. It includes the... Active Standard
8802-2-1989 - Local Area Networks - Logic Link ControlThis standard is part of a family of local area network (LAN) standards dealing with the physical and data link layers as defined by the ISO Open... Active Standard
8802-2-1994 - ISO/IEC 8802-2:1994: Information Technology - Specific requirements - Part 2: Logical link controlThis standard is part of a family of standards for local area networks (LANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs) that deals with the physical... Superseded Standard
8802-2,Amd.3-1995 - Information technology -- Specific requirements -- Part 2: Logical link control Amendment 3: Conformance requirementsConformance requirements for ISO/IEC 8802-2: 1994 [ANSI/IEEE Std 802.2, 1994] are provided. Superseded Standard
8802-3-2000 - ISO/IEC 8802-3:2000 (Std 802.3, 2000 Edition) Information Technology--Part 3: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Access Method and Physical Layer SpecificationsThe media access control characteristics for the Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) access method for shared medium... Active Standard
8802-3-2014 - ISO/IEC/International EthernetEthernet local area network operation is specified for selected speeds of operation from 1 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s using a common media access control ... Active Standard
8802-4-1990 - ISO/IEC 8802-4:1990: Information processing systems - Local area networks - Part 4:Token-passing bus access method and physical layer specificationsThis Local Area Network (LAN) standard, ISO/IEC 8802-4 : 1990 (ANSI/IEEE Std 802.4-1990), deals with all elements of the token-passing bus access... Active Standard
8802.5-1995 - ISO/IEC 8802-5:1995 : Information Technology Processing Systems - Specifc requirements, Part 5:Token ring access method and physical Layer SpecificationThis Local and Metropolitan Area Network standard, ISO/IEC 8802-5: 1995, is part of a family of local area network (LAN) standards dealing with... Active Standard
8802-9-1996 - ISO/IEC/International Standard Information technology - Specific requirements - Part 9: Integrated Services (IS) LAN Interface at the Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical (PHY) LayersA unified access method that offers integrated services (IS) to the desktop for a variety of publicly and privately administered backbone networks... Withdrawn Standard
8802-11-2005 - ISO/IEC 8802-11: 1999 [Std 802.11-1999(R2003)] Information technology--Specific requirements--Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) specificationsThe medium access control (MAC) and physical characteristics for wireless local area networks (LANs) are specified in this standard, which is part... Superseded Standard
8802-11:2005/AMD5-2006 - ISO/IEC 8802-11:1999/AMD5 (E) [Std 802.11h-2003] Information technology-- Part 11: Amendment 5: Spectrum and Transmit Power Management Extensions in the 5 GHz band in EuropeThis amendment specifies the extensions to IEEE 802.11(TM) for wireless local area networks (WLANs) providing mechanisms for dynamic frequency... Active Standard
8802-11-2012 - ISO/IEC/Information technology--Specific requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) SpecificationsThis revision specifies technical corrections and clarifications to IEEE Std 802.11 for wireless local area networks (WLANS) as well as... Active Standard
11073-10472-2010 - Personal health device communication--Part 10472: Device specialization--Medication monitorWithin the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative definition of... Active Standard
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