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Smart Grid Standards

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Smart Grid Standards
C37.248-2017 - IEEE Guide for Common Format for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV)A common convention for naming physical and virtual intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) is provided in this guide. The various environ ... active Standard
C57.123-2010 - IEEE Guide for Transformer Loss MeasurementInformation and general recommendations of instrumentation, circuitry, calibration, and measurement techniques of no-load losses (exclud ... active Standard
C62.11-2012 - IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (>1 kV)Metal-oxide surge arresters (MOSAs) designed to repeatedly limit the voltage surges on 48 Hz to 62 Hz power circuits (􀀡 1000 V) ... active Standard
C62.36-2016 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Circuits, and Smart Grid Data CircuitsSurge protectors for application on multiconductor balanced or unbalanced information and communications technology (ICT) circuits and s ... active Standard
C62.39-2012 - IEEE Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Self-Restoring Current-Limiter Components Used in Telecommunication Surge ProtectionThe basic requirements to be met by series connected, solid-state, self-restoring overcurrent protectors (OCPs) for the protection of te ... active Standard
C62.43.0-2017 - IEEE Guide for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology Circuits, Including Smart Grid Data Networks--OverviewAn introduction to a series of guides on the application of surge protectors and protective circuits used in information and communicati ... active Standard
C62.69a-2017 - IEEE Standard for the Surge Parameters of Isolating Transformers used in Networking Devices and Equipment - Amendment 1: Addition of Saturated Core Secondary Winding ParametersAdded in this amendment is a new sub-clause, 4.5 Saturated core secondary winding parameters, to IEEE C62.69(TM)-2016. Test methods, tes ... active Standard
C93.3-2017 - IEEE Standard Requirements for Power-Line Carrier Line Traps (30 kHz to 500 kHz)Line traps inserted into a power line to provide a high impedance at power-line-carrier frequencies (30 kHz to 500 kHz) are covered in t ... active Standard