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Smart Grid Standards

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Smart Grid Standards
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C37.2-2008 - IEEE Standard Electrical Power System Device Function Numbers, Acronyms, and Contact DesignationsThe definition and application of function numbers and acronyms for devices and functions used in electrical substations and generating ... active Standard
C37.13-2015 - IEEE Standard for Low-Voltage AC Power Circuit Breakers Used in EnclosuresThe following enclosed low-voltage ac power circuit breakers are covered in this standard: a) stationary or drawout type of two-, three- ... active Standard
C37.90.1-2012 - IEEE Standard for Surge Withstand Capability (SWC) Tests for Relays and Relay Systems Associated with Electric Power ApparatusTwo types of design tests for relays and relay systems that relate to the immunity of this equipment to repetitive electrical transients ... active Standard
C37.90.2-2004 - IEEE Standard for Withstand Capability of Relay Systems to Radiated Electromagnetic Interference from TransceiversRevision of IEEE Std C37.90.2-1995 Design tests for relay and relay systems that relate to the immunity of this equipment to Radiated E ... active Standard
C37.91-2008 - IEEE Guide for Protecting Power TransformersRevision of IEEE Std C37.91-2000. This guide is intended to provide protection engineers and 1 other readers with guidelines for protect ... active Standard
C37.92-2005 - IEEE Standard for Analog Inputs to Protective Relays From Electronic Voltage and Current TransducersElectronic devices that develop or utilize analog signals are not presently covered by standards. This Standard provides interface conne ... active Standard
C37.93-2004 - IEEE Guide for Power System Protective Relay Applications of Audio Tones Over Voice Grade ChannelsThis document provides guidelines for applying audio tones over voice grade channels for power system relaying. Included are sections o ... active Standard
C37.94-2017 - IEEE Standard for N times 64 kbps Optical Fiber Interfaces between Teleprotection and Multiplexer EquipmentAn optical interface for use between teleprotection and digital multiplexer equipment Keywords that can operate at a data rate of N × 6 ... active Standard
C37.95-2014 - IEEE Guide for Protective Relaying of Utility-Consumer InterconnectionsDescribed in this guide are protective relay applications involving electric service to consumers that requires a transformation between ... active Standard
C37.100-1992 - IEEE Standard Definitions for Power SwitchgearTerms that encompass the products within the scope of the C37 project are defined. These include power switchgear for switching, interru ... active Standard
C37.101-2006 - IEEE Guide for Generator Ground ProtectionThe guide is intended to assist protection engineers in applying relays and relaying schemes for protection against stator ground faults ... active Standard
C37.102-2006 - IEEE Guide for AC Generator ProtectionA review of the generally accepted forms of relay protection for the synchronous generator and its excitation system is presented. This ... active Standard
C37.104-2012 - IEEE Guide for Automatic Reclosing of Circuit Breakers for AC Distribution and Transmission LinesCurrent reclosing practices for transmission and distribution lines are described. Application considerations and coordination practices ... active Standard
C37.106-2003 - IEEE Guide for Abnormal Frequency Protection for Power Generating Plants**Supersedes C37.106-1987 (R1992). Abstract: This guide has been prepared to assist the protection engineer in applying relays for the ... active Standard
C37.111-2013 - IEEE/IEC Measuring relays and protection equipment – Part 24: Common format for transient data exchange (COMTRADE) for power systemsAlso known as IEC 60255-24 Ed.2, this standard defines a format for files containing transient waveform and event data collected from po ... active Standard
C37.112-1996 - IEEE Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent RelaysThe inverse-time characteristics of overcurrent relays are defined in this standard. Operating equations and allowances are provided in ... active Standard
C37.114-2014 - IEEE Guide for Determining Fault Location on AC Transmission and Distribution LinesElectrical faults on transmission and distribution lines are detected and isolated by system protective devices. Once the fault has been ... active Standard
C37.115-2003 - IEEE Standard Test Method for Use in the Evaluation of Message Communications Between Intelligent Electronic Devices in an Integrated Substation Protection, Control and Data Acquisition SystemA standard test method, including evaluation criteria and performance measures, test scenarios for communication between intelligent ele ... withdrawn Standard
C37.116-2007 - IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor BanksThe application of protective relays on transmission-line series capacitor banks is covered. The purpose of this guide is to provide the ... active Standard
C37.117-2007 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Protective Relays Used for Abnormal Frequency Load Shedding and RestorationInformation on the application of underfrequency load shedding and restoration to ac power systems is compiled in this guide. Various sy ... active Standard
C37.118.1-2011 - IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements for Power SystemsSynchronized phasor (synchrophasor) measurements for power systems are presented. This standard defines synchrophasors, frequency, and r ... active Standard
C37.118.1a-2014 - IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems -- Amendment 1: Modification of Selected Performance RequirementsModifications in this amendment include some performance requirements with related text updates to correct inconsistencies and remove li ... active Standard
C37.118.2-2011 - IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Data Transfer for Power SystemsA method for real-time exchange of synchronized phasor measurement data between power system equipment is defined. This standard specifi ... active Standard
C37.230-2007 - IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution LinesA review of generally accepted applications and coordination of protection for radial power system distribution lines is presented. The ... active Standard
C37.231-2006 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Microprocessor-Based Protection Equipment Firmware ControlReaffirmed March 2012. This recommended practice deals with the implications surrounding the use and administration of firmware revision ... active Standard
C37.232-2011 - IEEE Standard for Common Format for Naming Time Sequence Data Files (COMNAME)A standard procedure for naming time sequence data (TSD) files, such as files produced by digital fault recorders, power swing recorders ... active Standard
C37.236-2013 - IEEE Guide for Power System Protective Relay Applications Over Digital Communication ChannelsGuidance for the power system user in applying, installing and operating digital communication channels for the purpose of protective re ... active Standard
C37.238-2017 - IEEE Standard Profile for Use of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System ApplicationsAn extended profile is specified for the use of Precision Time Protocol of IEEE Std 1588-2008 in power system protection, control, autom ... active Standard
C37.239-2010 - IEEE Standard for Common Format for Event Data Exchange (COMFEDE) for Power SystemsA common format for data files used for the interchange of various types of event data collected from electrical power systems or power ... active Standard
C37.240-2014 - IEEE Standard Cybersecurity Requirements for Substation Automation, Protection, and Control SystemsCybersecurity measures require that a balance be achieved between technical feasibility and economic feasibility and that this balance a ... active Standard
C37.242-2013 - IEEE Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for Power System Protection and ControlGuidance for synchronization, calibration, testing, and installation of phasor measurement units (PMUs) applied in power systems is prov ... active Standard
C37.243-2015 - IEEE Guide for Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital CommunicationA comprehensive guide to practical line current differential schemes using digital communications. Operating principles, synchronization ... active Standard
C37.244-2013 - IEEE Guide for Phasor Data Concentrator Requirements for Power System Protection, Control, and MonitoringThe functional, performance, and testing guidelines for a phasor data concentrator are described in this guide. Supporting information i ... active Standard
C37.246-2017 - IEEE Draft Guide for Protection Systems of Transmission to Generation InterconnectionsThis Guide documents accepted protection practices for transmission to generation interconnections. It is intended to cover the protecti ... active Standard
C37.248-2017 - IEEE Approved Draft Guide for Common Format for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV)The purpose of this guide is to provide a convention for naming physical and virtual IEDs in order to provide consistency to the point t ... active Standard
C57.123-2010 - IEEE Guide for Transformer Loss MeasurementInformation and general recommendations of instrumentation, circuitry, calibration, and measurement techniques of no-load losses (exclud ... active Standard
C62.11-2012 - IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (>1 kV)Metal-oxide surge arresters (MOSAs) designed to repeatedly limit the voltage surges on 48 Hz to 62 Hz power circuits (􀀡 1000 V) ... active Standard
C62.36-2016 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Circuits, and Smart Grid Data CircuitsSurge protectors for application on multiconductor balanced or unbalanced information and communications technology (ICT) circuits and s ... active Standard
C62.39-2012 - IEEE Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Self-Restoring Current-Limiter Components Used in Telecommunication Surge ProtectionThe basic requirements to be met by series connected, solid-state, self-restoring overcurrent protectors (OCPs) for the protection of te ... active Standard
C62.43.0-2017 - IEEE Guide for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology Circuits, Including Smart Grid Data Networks--OverviewAn introduction to a series of guides on the application of surge protectors and protective circuits used in information and communicati ... active Standard