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Power and Energy Standards

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Power and Energy Standards
835 Disk-1994 - IEEE Standard Power Cable Ampacity Table (Electronic)Over 3000 ampacity tables for extruded dielectric power cables rated through 138 kV and laminar dielectric power cables rated through 50 ... withdrawn Standard
835a-2012 - IEEE Standard Power Cable Ampacity Tables Amendment 1: Revision to IntroductionCorrections to the introduction for the standard with over 3000 ampacity tables for extruded dielectric power cables rated through 138 k ... active Standard
837-2014 - IEEE Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation GroundingDirection and methods for qualifying permanent connections used for substation grounding are provided in this standard. This standard pa ... active Standard
841-2009 - IEEE Standard for Petroleum and Chemical Industry--Premium-Efficiency, Severe-Duty, Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Squirrel Cage Induction Motors--Up to and Including 370 kW (500 hp)This standard applies to premium efficiency totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), horizontal and vertical, single-speed, squirrel cage pol ... active Standard
844-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Impedance, Induction, and Skin Effect Heating of Pipelines and VesselsRecommended practices are provided for the design, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of impedance, induction, and skin-e ... active Standard
844.1/CSA C22.2 No.293.1-2017 - IEEE/CSA Standard for Skin Effect Trace Heating of Pipelines, Vessels, Equipment, and Structures - General, Testing, Marking, and Documentation RequirementsGeneral requirements, testing, markings, and documentation for skin effect trace heating systems for pipelines, vessels, equipment, and ... active Standard
844.2/CSA C293.2-2017 - IEEE/CSA Standard for Skin Effect Trace Heating of Pipelines, Vessels, Equipment, and Structures--Application Guide for Design, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, and MaintenanceAn application guide for the design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of skin effect trace heating systems for pipel ... active Standard
845-1999 - IEEE Guide for the Evaluation of Human-System Performance in Nuclear Power Generating Stations" Guidance for evaluating human-system performance related to systems, equipment, andfacilities in nuclear power generating stations is ... active Standard
848-2015 - IEEE Standard Procedure for the Determination of the Ampacity Derating Factor for Fire-Protected Cable SystemsA detailed test procedure is provided for determining the ampacity derating factor in the following cable installation configurations: b ... active Standard
853-1985 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Voltage-Endurance Testing of Enameled WireThe scope of this recommended practice covers the application of center grounded applied voltage but not voltage wave shapes in which ei ... withdrawn Standard
857-1996 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Test Procedures for High-Voltage Direct-Current Thyristor ValvesInformation and recommendations for the type testing of thyristor valves for high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power transmission syste ... withdrawn Standard
858-1993 - IEEE Standard Definitions in Power Operations TerminologyWithdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Mar 06, 2000. No longer endorsed by the IEEE. Terms in the field of power operations are defined. withdrawn Standard
859-1987 - IEEE Standard Terms for Reporting and Analyzing Outage Occurrences and Outage States of Electrical Transmission FacilitiesReaffirmed 2008. This standard is intended to aid the electric power industry in reporting and analyzing outage occurrences of transmiss ... active Standard
902-1998 - IEEE Guide for Maintenance, Operation, and Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Yellow Book)This IEEE Standards product is part of the Color Books family. The IEEE Yellow Book provides plant engineers with a reference source for ... active Standard
928-1986 - IEEE Recommended Criteria for Terrestrial Photovoltaic Power SystemsJan 2005: Administratively withdrawn. General performance criteria for terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) systems are established, and an ov ... withdrawn Standard
929-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) SystemsThis recommended practice contains guidance regarding equipment and functions necessary to ensure compatible operation of photovoltaic ( ... withdrawn Standard
930-2004 - (Replaced) IEEE Guide for the Statistical Analysis of Electrical Insulation Breakdown DataReplaced by IEC 62539 Ed.1 (2007-07). This guide describes, with examples, statistical methods to analyze times to breakdown and breakdo ... active Standard
935-1989 - IEEE Guide on Terminology for Tools and Equipment to Be Used in Live Line WorkingTerminology for tools and equipment used in live line working is given to permit identification of the tools and equipment and to standa ... active Standard
936-1987 - IEEE Guide for Self-Commutated ConvertersThis guide applies to self-commutated electronic power converters; that is, converters in which commutation is accomplished by component ... withdrawn Standard
944-1986 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application and Testing of Uninterruptible Power Supplies for Power Generating StationsWithdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Feb 06, 2006. The application and performance requirements for a low-voltage uninterruptible power ... withdrawn Standard
946-2004 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design of DC Auxiliary Power Systems for Generating SystemsRevision of IEEE Std 946-1992 Guidance for the design of the DC auxiliary power systems for nuclear and non-nuclear power generating st ... active Standard
951-1996 - IEEE Guide to the Assembly and Erection of Metal Transmission StructuresVarious good practices that will enable users to improve their ability to assemble and erect self-supporting and guyed steel or aluminum ... active Standard
953-1956 - AIEE Grounding of Industrial Power SystemsThe question of whether or not to ground a power system is one which must be faced sometime by most engineers charged with planning indu ... withdrawn Standard
955-1962 - AIEE Guide for Evaluating the Effect of Solar Radiation on Outdoor Metal-Clad SwitchgearOver the past several years, outdoor metal-clad switchgear has reached a position of widespread application comparable to that of indoor ... withdrawn Standard
957-2005 - IEEE Guide for Cleaning InsulatorsProcedures for cleaning contaminated electrical insulators (excluding nuclear, toxic, and hazardous chemical contaminants) of all types, ... active Standard
958-2003 - IEEE Guide for Application of AC Adjustable-Speed Drives on 2400 to 13,800 Volt Auxiliary Systems in Electric Power Generating StationsA fundamental understanding of the operation, selection, and application of ac adjustable-speed drives on 2400 to 13 800 V auxiliary sys ... withdrawn Standard
972-1985 - IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Connections of Insulated Aluminum ConductorsThis standard is intended to demonstrate with reasonable assurance that connections meeting these requirements will perform in a satisfa ... withdrawn Standard
977-2010 - IEEE Guide to Installation of Foundations for Transmission Line StructuresVarious approaches to good construction practices that could improve the installation of transmission line structure foundations are pre ... active Standard
978-1984 - IEEE Guide for In-Service Maintenance and Electrical Testing of Live-Line ToolsRecommendations for in-service inspection, maintenance, and electrical testing of live-line tools are provided. Both job-site and shop o ... withdrawn Standard
979-2012 - IEEE Guide for Substation Fire ProtectionGuidance is provided to substation engineers in determining the design, equipment, and practices deemed necessary for the fire protectio ... active Standard
980-2013 - IEEE Guide for Containment and Control of Oil Spills in SubstationsThe significance of oil-spillage regulations and their applicability to electric supply substations are discussed; the sources of oil sp ... active Standard
987-1985 - IEEE Guide for Application of Composite InsulatorsA guide to the application of composite insulators to overhead transmission and distribution lines is provided. It is based on utility f ... withdrawn Standard
987-2001 - IEEE Guide for Application of Composite InsulatorsA guide to the application of composite insulators to overhead transmission and distribution lines is provided. It is based on utility ... withdrawn Standard
993-1990 - IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Test Equipment Description Language (TEDL)Withdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Oct 25, 1996. No longer endorsed by the IEEE. A language useful for describing Automatic Test Equip ... withdrawn Standard
998-2012 - IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of SubstationsDesign information for the methods historically and typically applied by substation designers to reduce direct lightning strokes to equi ... active Standard
999-1992 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Master/Remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) CommunicationsThe use of serial digital transmission by supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems having geographically dispersed termi ... withdrawn Standard
1001-1988 - IEEE Guide for Interfacing Dispersed Storage and Generation Facilities with Electric Utility SystemsThe purpose of this IEEE guide is to alert electric utilities, manufacturers of dispersed storage and generation (DSG) equipment, consul ... withdrawn Standard
1004-1987 - IEEE Standard Definitions of Planar Transmission LinesWithdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Dec 03, 1992. No longer endorsed by the IEEE. It has been recognized that a standard was needed for ... withdrawn Standard
1007-1991 - IEEE Standard Methods and Equipment for Measuring the Transmission Characteristics of Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) Telecommunications Circuits and SystemsTest equipment requirements and methods for testing the transmission characteristics of PCM telecommunications equipment, circuits, and ... withdrawn Standard
1010-2006 - IEEE Guide for Control of Hydroelectric Power PlantsThis guide is to serve as a reference document for practicing engineers in the hydroelectric industry. It documents prevailing industry ... active Standard