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Power and Energy Standards

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Power and Energy Standards
C57.140-2017 - IEEE Guide for Evaluation and Reconditioning of Liquid Immersed Power TransformersGuidelines for the following are included in the standard: insulating liquid maintenance and diagnostics, liquid reclamation, testing me ... active Standard
C57.142-2010 - IEEE Guide to Describe the Occurrence and Mitigation of Switching Transients Induced by Transformers, Switching Device, and System InteractionThe performance of transformers in the presence of oscillatory transients is addressed in this guide. Oscillatory transients are typical ... active Standard
C57.143-2012 - IEEE Guide for Application for Monitoring Equipment to Liquid-Immersed Transformers and ComponentsIdentification of the key parameters that can be monitored for obtaining an indication of the condition of liquid-immersed transformers ... active Standard
C57.144-2004 - IEEE Guide for Metric Conversion of Transformer StandardsA consistent and accurate method of converting dimensions and quantities in transformer standards to SI units is provided in this guide. active Standard
C57.146-2006 - IEEE Guide for Interpretation of Gasses Generated in Silicone-Immersed TransformersThis guide is intended to apply to silicone-immersed transformers in which the silicone fluid was the fluid supplied when the transforme ... active Standard
C57.147-2018 - IEEE Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Natural Ester Insulating Liquid in TransformersAssistance to equipment manufacturers and service companies to evaluate the suitability of unused natural ester insulating liquids being ... active Standard
C57.148-2011 - IEEE Standard for Control Cabinets for Power TransformersRequirements for the design and construction of control cabinets on power transformers. active Standard
C57.149-2012 - IEEE Guide for the Application and Interpretation of Frequency Response Analysis for Oil-Immersed TransformersThe measurement of Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) of oil-immersed power transformers is applicable in this guide. It is intended to p ... active Standard
C57.150-2012 - IEEE Guide for the Transportation of Transformers and Reactors Rated 10 000 kVA or HigherInformation for minimizing the risk of damage and delays during transportation of transformers and reactors rated 10 000 kVA or higher i ... active Standard
C57.152-2013 - IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Fluid-Filled Power Transformers, Regulators, and ReactorsDiagnostic tests and measurements that are performed in the field on fluid-filled power transformers and regulators are described. Whene ... active Standard
C57.153-2015 - IEEE Guide for Paralleling Regulating TransformersControl methods of paralleling regulating transformers are described and compared in this guide. The control methods include: master/fol ... active Standard
C57.155-2014 - IEEE Guide for Interpretation of Gases Generated in Natural Ester and Synthetic Ester-Immersed TransformersNatural and synthetic ester-immersed transformers are handled in this guide. The following is addressed in this guide: a) The theory of ... active Standard
C57.156-2016 - IEEE Guide for Tank Rupture Mitigation of Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers and ReactorsMeasures that may be taken to help mitigate tank rupture of energized liquid-immersed power transformers and reactors due to internal el ... active Standard
C57.157-2015 - IEEE Guide for Conducting Functional Life Tests on Switch Contacts Used in Insulating Liquid--Immersed TransformersThis guide is intended for use in establishing a methodology to evaluate expected long-term performance of infrequently operated switch ... active Standard
C57.158-2017 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Tertiary and Stabilizing Windings in Power TransformersThe application of tertiary and stabilizing windings in liquid-immersed power transformers, as covered by IEEE Std C57.12.00™, as well ... active Standard
C57.159-2016 - IEEE Guide on Transformers for Application in Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) Power Generation SystemsGeneral and specifi c recommendations on specifi cation, design, and application of liquid-immersed and dry-type transformers in distrib ... active Standard
C57.163-2015 - IEEE Guide for Establishing Power Transformer Capability while under Geomagnetic DisturbancesThe effects of geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) on power transformers when there is the presence of geomagnetically induced current (GIC) ... active Standard
C57.163-2015/Cor 1-2016 - IEEE Guide for Establishing Power Transformer Capability while under Geomagnetic Disturbances - Corrigendum 1Clarified in this corrigendum to IEEE Std C57.163™-2015 is the derivation of the tie plate temperatures shown in Figure 13. active Standard
C57.637-2015 - IEEE Guide for the Reclamation of Mineral Insulating Oil and Criteria for Its UseCovered in this guide are: mineral insulating oil commonly defined as transformer oil; definitions and descriptions of reclaiming proced ... active Standard
C62.1-1989 - IEEE Standard for Gapped Silicon-Carbide Surge Arresters for AC Power CircuitsThis standard describes the service conditions, classifications and voltage ratings, design tests with corresponding performance charact ... withdrawn Standard
C62.2-1987 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Gapped Silicon-Carbide Surge Arresters for Alternating Current SystemsThe application of gapped silicon-carbide surge arresters to safeguard electric power equipment against the hazards of abnormally high v ... withdrawn Standard
C62.11-2012 - IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (>1 kV)Metal-oxide surge arresters (MOSAs) designed to repeatedly limit the voltage surges on 48 Hz to 62 Hz power circuits (􀀡 1000 V) ... active Standard
C62.21-2003 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Surge Voltage Protective Equipment on AC Rotating Machinery 1000 Volts and GreaterProject scope: This guide covers the application of surge voltage protective equipment to AC rotating machines rated 1000 volts and grea ... active Standard
C62.22-2009 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating-Current SystemsThis guide covers the application of metal-oxide surge arresters to safeguard electric power equipment, with a nominal operating voltage ... active Standard
C62.22.1-1996 - IEEE Guide for the Connection of Surge Arresters to Protect Insulated, Shielded Electric Power Cable SystemsThis guide suggests surge arrester installation methods at distribution cable terminalpoles in order to minimize the total impressed tra ... active Standard
C62.22a-2013 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating-Current Systems Amendment 1: Supplement to Consider Energy Handling CapabilitiesNew tests added to IEEE Std C62.11TM-2012: a switching surge energy capability test (thermal energy rating), a repetitive single-impulse ... active Standard
C62.23-2017 - IEEE Application Guide for Surge Protection of Electric Generating PlantsThis guide consolidates most electric utility power industry practices, accepted theories, existing standards/guides, definitions, and t ... active Standard
C62.31-2006 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Low-Voltage Gas-Tube Surge-Protective Device ComponentsThis standard applies to gas-tube surge-protective devices for application on systems with voltages, 1000 V rms or 1200 V dc. active Standard
C62.32-2004 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Low-Voltage Air Gap Surge-Protective Device Components (Excluding Valve and Expulsion Types)This standard applies to air gaps for overvoltage protection applications on systems with operating voltages equal to or less than 600 V ... withdrawn Standard
C62.33-2016 - IEEE Standard for Test Methods and Performance Values for Metal-Oxide Varistor Surge Protective ComponentsTest methods and preferred values for metal-oxide varistor (MOV) surge protective components are covered in this standard and have the f ... active Standard
C62.35-2010 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Avalanche Junction Semiconductor Surge-Protective Device ComponentsAvalanche breakdown diodes used for surge protection in systems with voltages equal to or less than 1000 V rms or 1200 V dc are discusse ... active Standard
C62.36-2016 - IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors and Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Circuits, and Smart Grid Data CircuitsSurge protectors for application on multiconductor balanced or unbalanced information and communications technology (ICT) circuits and s ... active Standard
C62.37-1996 - IEEE Standard Test Specification for Thyristor Diode Surge Protective DevicesThis standard applies to two or three terminal, four or five layer, thyristor surge protection devices (SPDs) for application on systems ... active Standard
C62.37.1-2012 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Thyristor Surge Protective Device ComponentsApplications information on fixed-voltage and gated-thyristor surge protective components (SPCs) is provided. Key device parameters and ... active Standard
C62.38-1994 - IEEE Guide on Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): ESD Withstand Capability Evaluation Methods (for Electronic Equipment Subassemblies)This guide establishes test methods for the evaluation of ESD withstand capability for electronic equipment subassemblies. It includes i ... withdrawn Standard
C62.39-2012 - IEEE Standard for Test Methods and Preferred Values for Self-Restoring Current-Limiter Components Used in Telecommunication Surge ProtectionThe basic requirements to be met by series connected, solid-state, self-restoring overcurrent protectors (OCPs) for the protection of te ... active Standard
C62.41.1-2002 - IEEE Guide on the Surge Environment in Low-Voltage (1000 V and less) AC Power CircuitsThis is a guide describing the surge voltage, surge current, and temporary overvoltages(TOV) environment in low-voltage [up to 1000 V ro ... active Standard