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Instrumentation and Measurement Standards

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Instrumentation and Measurement Standards
21451-1-2010 - ISO/IEC/IEEE Standard for Information technology -- Smart transducer interface for sensors and actuators -- Part 1: Network Capable Application Processor (NCAP) information modelAdoption of IEEE Std 1451.1-1999. This standard defines an object model with a network-neutral interface for connecting processors to co ... active Standard
21451-001-2017 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Signal Treatment Applied to Smart TransducersSignal processing algorithms and data structure are defined in this recommended practice in order to share and to infer signal and state ... active Standard
60488-1-2004 - IEC/IEEE 60488-1 Ed.1 (IEEE Std 488.1™-2003): Higher Performance Protocol for the Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation - Part 1: GeneralSuperedes IEEE Std 488.1-2003 This standard applies to interface systems used to interconnect both programmable and nonprogrammable ele ... active Standard
60488-2-2004 - IEC 60488-2 Ed.1 (IEEE Std 488.2™-1992): Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation - Part 2: Codes, formats, protocols and common commandsA set of codes and formats to be used by devices connected via the IEEE 488.1 bus is specified. This standard also defines communicatio ... active Standard
61588-2009 - IEC 61588 Ed.2 (IEEE Std 1588-2008): Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control SystemsA protocol is provided in this standard that enables precise synchronization of clocks in measurement and control systems implemented wi ... active Standard
61671-2012 - IEC 61671:2012(E) (IEEE Std 1671-2010) Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) for Exchanging Automatic Test Equipment and Test Information via XMLThis document specifies a framework for the automatic test markup language (ATML) family of standards. ATML allows automatic test system ... active Standard
61671-5-2016 - IEC/IEEE International Standard - Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) Test Adapter DescriptionAn exchange format using extensible markup language (XML) for identifying all of the hardware, software, and documentation associated wi ... active Standard
61671-6-2016 - IEC/IEEE International Standard - Standard for Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) Test Station DescriptionAn exchange format, using extensible markup language (XML), for identifying all of the hardware, software, and documentation associated ... active Standard
62243-2010 - IEC 62243:2012(E) (IEEE Std 1232-2010): Artificial Intelligence Exchange and Service Tie to All Test Environments (AI-ESTATE)Data interchange and standard software services for test and diagnostic environments are defined by Artificial Intelligence Exchange and ... active Standard
62525-2007 - (IEEE Std 1450-1999) International Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) for Digital Test Vector DataStandard Test Interface Language (STIL) provides an interface between digital test generation tools and test equipment. A test descripti ... active Standard
62526-2007 - IEC 62526 Ed. 1 (IEEE Std 1450.1™-2005): Standard for Extensions to Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) for Semiconductor Design EnvironmentsStandard Test Interface Language (STIL) provides an interface between digital test generation tools and test equipment. Extensions to th ... active Standard
62527-2007 - IEC 62527 Ed. 1 (IEEE Std 1450.2™-2002): Standard for Extensions to Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) for DC Level SpecificationThis standard extends IEEE Std 1450-1999 (STIL) to support the definition of DC levels. STIL language constructs are defined to specify ... active Standard
62529-2012 - IEC 62529:2012(E) Standard for Signal and Test DefinitionAdoption of IEEE Std 1641-2010. This standard provides the means to define and describe signals used in testing. It also provides a set ... active Standard
63003-2015 - IEC/IEEE International standard for the common test interface pin map configuration for high-density, single-tier electronics test requirements utilizing IEEE Std 1505™This standard represents an extension to the IEEE 1505 receiver fixture interface (RFI) standard specification. Particular emphasis is p ... active Standard
63004-2015 - IEC/IEEE International standard for receiver fixture interfaceA mechanical and electrical specification for implementing a common interoperable mechanical quick-disconnect interconnect system for us ... active Standard
C12.1-1988 - American National Standard Code for Electricity MeteringAcceptable performance criteria for new types of AC watthour meters, demand meters, demand registers, pulse devices, instrument transfor ... withdrawn Standard
C12.4-1984 - American National Standard for Mechanical Demand RegistersThe voltage and frequency rating, full-scale values, scale classes, demand intervals, multiplying constants, timing mechanism, and other ... withdrawn Standard
C12.6-1987 - American National Standard for Marking and Arrangement of Terminals for Phase-Shifting Devices Used in MeteringPhase-shifting devices designed to provide the proper lagged voltages required for kVAR and kVA measurement are covered. Terminal markin ... withdrawn Standard
C12.7-1993 - American National Standard Requirements for Watthour Meter SocketsThe general requirements and pertinent dimensions applicable to watthour meter sockets rated up to and including 600 V, and up to and in ... withdrawn Standard
C12.8-1981 - American National Standard for Test Blocks and Cabinets for Installation of Self-Contained A-Base Watthour MetersThe dimensions and functions of test blocks and cabinets used with self-contained A-base watthour meters are covered. Standard ratings a ... withdrawn Standard
C12.9-1993 - American National Standard for Test Switches for Transformer-Rated MetersThe dimensions and functions of meter test switches used with transformer-rated watthour meters in conjunction with instrument transfor ... withdrawn Standard
C12.10-1987 - American National Standard for Electromechanical Watthour MetersClass designations, voltage and frequency ratings, test-current values, internal wiring arrangements, pertinent dimensions, rotor markin ... withdrawn Standard
C12.11-1987 - American National Standard for Instrument Transformers for Revenue Metering, 10 kV BIL Through 350 kV BIL (0.6 kV NSV through 69 kV NSV)The general requirements, metering accuracy, thermal ratings, and dimensions are established for current and inductively coupled voltage ... withdrawn Standard
C12.13-1991 - American National Standard for Electronic Time-of-Use Registers for Electricity MetersElectronic time-of-use registers for use in conjunction with electricity meters are covered. The following features are included: number ... withdrawn Standard
C12.14-1982 - American National Standard for Magnetic Tape Pulse Recorders for Electricity MetersMinimum requirements for magnetic tape pulse recorders for electricity meters are recommended. The voltage, frequency ratings, recording ... withdrawn Standard
C12.15-1990 - American National Standard for Solid-State Demand Registers for Electromechanical Watthour Meters This standard covers solid-state demand registers for use with electromechanical watthour meters. It includes Number and format of dis ... withdrawn Standard
C12.17-1991 - American National Standard for Cartridge-Type Solid-State Pulse Recorders for Electricity MeteringMinimum requirements for cartridge-type solid-state pulse recorders for electricity metering are recommended. Voltage and frequency rati ... withdrawn Standard
N323AB-2013 - American National Standard for Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration, Portable Survey InstrumentsTesting, calibration, and calibration frequency requirements for portable radiation detectors used to directly measure alpha, beta, phot ... active Standard
SI 10-2016 - American National Standard for Metric PracticeGuidance for the use of the modern metric system is given. Known as the International System of Units (abbreviated SI), the system is th ... active Standard