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666-2007 - Design Guide for Electric Power Service Systems for Generating StationsThis guide applies to station service systems that supply electric power to auxiliary loads for electric power generating stations. The... Active Standard
668-1987 - Recommended Practice for Electrical Heating Applications to Melting Furnaces and Forehearths in the Glass IndustryThe purpose of this recommended practice is to present procedures and positions preferred by the IEEE for using electric heating in the glass... Withdrawn Standard
675-1982 - Standard Multiple Controllers in a CAMAC Crate (Computer Automated Measurement and Control)This IEEE standard defines a method for incorporating more than one source of control into a CAMAC crate. The standard fully conforms to the... Active Standard
683-1976 - Recommended Practice for Block Transfers in CAMAC Systems (Computer Automated Measurement and Control)A wide variety of block transfer algorithms (or modes) are possible in CAMAC systems. However, a restricted number of such algorithms can satisfy... Active Standard
693-1984 - Recommended Practices for Seismic Design of SubstationsThe report presents recommended practises containing recommendations for the seismic design of substation facilities. Superseded Standard
693-1997 - Recommended Practices for Seismic Design of SubstationsRecommendations for seismic design of substations, including qualification of each equipment type, are discussed. Design recommendations consist... Superseded Standard
693-2005 - Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of SubstationsAbstract: Seismic design recommendations for substations, including qualification of each equipment type, are discussed. Design recommendations... Active Standard
726-1982 - Standard Real-Time BASIC for CAMAC (Computer Automated Measurement and Control)Real-time BASIC for CAMAC is ANSI standard real-time BASIC in which the declarations and real-time statements are defined for use with CAMAC... Active Standard
730-1989 - Software Quality Assurance PlansSuperseded Uniform minimum acceptable requirements for the preparation and content of Software Quality Assurance Plans (SQAPs) are provided. The... Superseded Standard
730-1998 - Software Quality Assurance PlansUniform, minimum acceptable requirements for the preparation and content of software quality assurance plans (SQAPs) are provided. This standard... Superseded Standard
730-2002 - Software Quality Assurance PlansThe standard specifies the format and content of software quality assurance plans. It meets the IEEE/EIA 12207.1 requirements for such plans. Superseded Standard
739-1984 - Recommended Practice for Energy Conservation and Cost-Effective Planning in Industrial FacilitiesSuperseded by IEEE Std 739-1995 This recommended practice serves as an engineering guide for use in electrical design for energy conservation. It... Superseded Standard
739-1995 - Recommended Practice for Energy Management in Industrial and Commercial FacilitiesThis recommended practice serves as an engineering guide for use in electrical design for energy conservation. It provides a standard design... Active Standard
743-1984 - Standard Methods and Equipment for Measuring the Transmission Characteristics of Analog Voice Frequency CircuitsThe purpose of this standard is to establish functional requirements for measuring analog transmission characteristics of voice frequency... Superseded Standard
743-1995 - Standard Equipment Requirements and Measurement Techniques for Analog Transmission Parameters for TelecommunicationsPerformance requirements for test equipment that measures the analog transmission parameters of subscriber loops, message trunks, PBX trunks, and... Withdrawn Standard
746-1984 - Performance Measurements of A/D and D/A Converters for PCM Television Video CircuitsThis standard describes methods for measuring the performance of uniformly coded analog-to-digital (A/D) converters and digital-to-analog (D/A)... Withdrawn Standard
752-1986 - Functional Requirements for Methods and Equipment for Measuring the Performance of Tone Address Signal SystemsThis standard provides brief descriptions of applicable tone address signaling techniques and definitions of the related signaling parameters that... Withdrawn Standard
758-1979 - Standard Subroutines for Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC)This IEEE standard presents a recommended set of software subroutines for use with the CAMAC modular instrumentation and interface system of IEEE... Active Standard
762-1987 - Standard Definitions for Use in Reporting Electric Generating Unit Reliability, Availability, and ProductivityThe standard is intended to aid the electric power industry in reporting and evaluating electric generating unit reliability, availability and... Superseded Standard
762-2006 - Standard Definitions for Use in Reporting Electric Generating Unit Reliability, Availability, and ProductivityThis standard provides a methodology for the interpretation of electric generating unit performance data from various systems and to facilitate... Active Standard
790-1989 - Guide for Medical Ultrasound Field Parameter MeasurementsThis IEEE standard describes procedures for measuring medical ultrasound field parameters such as pressure, power and intensity. It is intended... Withdrawn Standard
792-1995 - Recommended Practice for the Evaluation of the Impulse Voltage Capability of Insulation Systems for AC Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Stator CoilsA test procedure for evaluation of the impulse voltage capability of insulation systems of form-wound alternating current rotating electrical... Withdrawn Standard
802-1990 - Standard: Overview and ArchitectureThis standard provides an overview to the family of IEEE 802 Standards, defines compliance with the family of IEEE 802 Standards, describes the... Superseded Standard
802-2001 - Overview and ArchitectureIEEE Std 802-2001 is the IEEE standard for local and metropolitan area networks. It provides an overview to the family of IEEE 802 standard and... Active Standard
802.3j-1993 - Supplement to 802.3 - Fiber Optic Active and Passive Star-Based Segments, Type 10BASE-F (Sections 15-18)Superseded by IEEE Std 802.3-2002 This amendment to IEEE Std 802.3-2002, as amended by IEEE Std 802.3ae-2002 10Gb/s Ethernet and IEEE Std 802.3af... Superseded Standard
802.4a-1986 - Local Area Network: Fiber Optic Token BusAdd additional physical layer and media specifications utilizing fiber optic media to IEEE Std 802.4. Withdrawn Standard
802.5j-1993 - Trial Use Information Processing Systems-Local Area Networks-Part 5: Token Ring Access Method and Physical Layer Spec.-Fiber Optic Media Station AttachmentSuperseded by IEEE Std 802.1b-1995 The functional, electrical, optical, and mechanical characteristics of a fibre optic interface for connecting a... Superseded Standard
802.11k-2008 - Specific requirements-- Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC)and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 1: Radio Resource Measurement of Wireless LANsThis amendment specifies the extensions to IEEE Std 802.11 for Wireless LANs providing mechanisms for Radio Resource Measurement. Superseded Standard
816-1987 - Guide for Determining the Smoke Generation of Solid Materials Ued for Insulations and Coverings of Electric Wire and CableThe guide is to aid wire and cable manufacturers in the study of smoke generation characteristics of materials used in products. The two test... Withdrawn Standard
817-1993 - Standard Test Procedure for Flame-Retardant Coatings Applied to Insulated Cables in Cable TraysA test protocol and the performance criteria to determine the flame propagation tendency of flame-retardant coated cables in a vertical cable tray... Withdrawn Standard
835-1994 - Standard Power Cable Ampacity TablesOver 3000 ampacity tables for extruded dielectric power cables rated through 138 kV and laminar dielectric power cables rated through 500 kV are... Active Standard
837-1989 - Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation GroundingThis IEEE standard has been written to fill a need for standardization of terminology and test requirements for permanent grounding connections... Superseded Standard
837-2002 - Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation GroundingDirection and methods for qualifying permanent connections used for substation grounding are provided in this standard. This standard particularly... Active Standard
839-1986 - Guide on Procedures for Testing Single-Phase and Polyphase Induction Motors for Use in Hermetic CompressorsThis guide specifies test procedures to determine the efficiency and other performance characteristics of hermetic motors. Hermetic motors are... Withdrawn Standard
841-1986 - Recommended Practice for Chemical Industry Severe Duty Squirrel-Cage Induction Motors-600 V and BelowThe purpose is to define and recommend specifications that deal with mechanical and electrical design, electrical insulation systems, corrosion... Superseded Standard
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