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IEEE Standards Interpretation for ANSI C57.12.28™-1999 American National Standard Pad-Mounted Equipment— Enclosure Integrity

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January 2005

Interpretation Request #1
5.1.2 Category: Clarify the design of the top of padmount enclosure

As per this standard section 5.1.2, The enclosure shall be designed to shed water and minimize areas where corrosive elements can accumulate."

Does the flat top surface of any padmount encloser serve the purpose of this standard requirement to minimise the corrosive elements accumulation OR does it demands some special design, i.e., raise the center part or cross-kinked top?

Interpretation Response
The scope of paragraph 5.1.2 is very clear. "The enclosure shall be designed to shed water and minimize areas where corrosive elements can accumulate."

THIS INCLUDES THE TOP SURFACE OF BOTH THE TANK AND CABINET...It MUST also meet the corrosion resistance painting requirements (paint tests). How you accomplish this is reflective of YOUR TRANSFORMER DESIGN and is not dictated by STANDARDS. You are free to use what ever method of construction and painting that you choose in order to meet the requirements as set fourth in C57.12.28.