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IEEE Standards Interpretation for IEEE 802.1AE™ -2006 - IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks-- Media Access Control (MAC) Security

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March 2008

Interpretation Request #1
Syntax error in the 802.1AE MIB
In the MIB module text of this standard, the data type secyCipherSuiteProtectionOffset is defined on page 100 as of type INTEGER and in the OBCT-TYPE macro it has a SYNTAX of Integer32. This will cause compilation errors when the MIB module is processed by the standard tools.

I believe that the appropriate fix for this would be to change the definition of this data type on page 100 from INTEGER to Integer32.

Interpretation Response
The following response was approved by 802.1 at its November 2006 meeting.

The 802.1™ Working Group agrees that the proposal made in the interpretation request, namely that the appropriate solution is to change the definition of the secyCipherSuiteProtectionOffset data type on page 100 of the standard from INTEGER to Integer32, is correct. A corrected version of the MIB text, with this change made, has been posted on the 802.1 Web site. external link