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IEEE Standards Errata for IEEE Std 1291™-1993 IEEE Guide for Partial Discharge Measurement in Power Switchgear

Sponsor: Switchgear Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society
Correction Sheet Issued: 6 June 1997

The following corrections should be made to the standard:

Page 2, definitions 4.1 and 4.2: Move the "q" from the end of the partial discharge (PD) term to the end of the apparent charge (terminal charge) term. The two definitions should read as follows:

  • 4.1 partial discharge (PD). A localized electric discharge resulting from ionization in an insulation system when the voltage stress exceeds the critical value. This discharge partially bridges the insulation between electrodes.
  • 4.2 apparent charge (terminal charge), q. A charge that, if injected instantaneously between the terminals of the test object, would momentarily change the voltage between its terminals by the same amount as the partial discharge itself. The apparent charge should not be confused with the charge transferred across the overstressed insulation in the dielectric medium. Apparent charge within the terms of this document is expressed in picocoulombs, which is abbreviated as pC (10-12 Coulombs).