IEEE Forums for Sustainable Development

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IEEE offers many online forums dedicated to sustainability and sustainable development and related topics. All provide an opportunity to engage in dialogue on important topics impacting the world today, to meet and network virtually with experts working in sustainable development spaces and to share information and gain insights. These forums include:


IEEE Sustainability

Providing a platform for discussion and engagement on Sustainability Infrastructure, where technologists, engineers, scientists, industry leaders, policy makers and others can connect to share information, perspectives, and insights.

IEEE Environmental Engineering

A network of participants that focus on how to monitor and control the natural and artificial physical environments to ensure livability and a sustainable future of the environments and the well-being of individuals and the community.

IEEE Sustainable Computing

A platform that takes a holistic view of information technology to promote the design and implementation of sustainable computing and facilitate computing for sustainability.


Providing a forum to discuss advances in sensors and systems for monitoring our environment with a focus on lower cost, easy to use sustainable sensor systems.

IEEE Electronic Waste

Providing an opportunity to network with participants across this area to discuss all aspects of monitoring and management of electronic waste for a sustainable environment.


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