IEEE Conferences for Sustainable Development

IEEE sponsors more than 1,600 annual conferences and events worldwide, curating cutting-edge content for all of the technical fields of interest within IEEE, including in sustainability and sustainable development. You can search the IEEE Conferences Database to find conferences in your field of interest.

IEEE flagship conferences in the sustainable development space include:


IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability
Bringing together scientists, engineers, technologists, and scholars from multiple disciplines to hold a dialogue on environmental issues and collaborate on ideas to develop and utilize innovative tools and intelligent systems to address the need for Sustainable Infrastructure.

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
Bringing together people working on the application of technology to address critical issues for the benefit of the resource-constrained and vulnerable populations in the world.

International Sustainability and Resilience Conference: Climate Change
Providing an international forum for presentations and discussion of research in all areas of engineering, business and science involving the design, planning, and construction of sustainable built environments.

International Renewable Energy Congress
Providing a forum for researchers, academicians, scientists, and industrial professionals around the world on recent developments in the fields of renewable energy.

IEEE Sustainable Power and Energy Conference
Bringing together engineers, scholars, and students from around the work to share and discuss developments in the field of power and energy.

IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech)
The goal of the IEEE Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) Conference is to explore the development and application of technology in these areas: Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicles, Smart Grid, Sustainable Electronics, and Societal Implications/Quality of Life.