Most commonly asked questions about the IEEE Standards Association, its programs, products, services and processes.

IEEE-SA Distributor Program

Addresses some questions about the Distributor Program


How would we receive the documents from IEEE?

IEEE-SA provides the transfer of the XML data via FTP or sFTP electronic feed.

Is it possible that a public key is provided for sFTP as we are not using a standard port?

Yes, IEEE-SA can support and deliver content via sFTP.

Am I allowed to sell all standards provided in PDF as Print-on-Demand also?
In general, yes, but there may be some special publications that are excluded.

Are the files for the Print-on-Demand products the same as the files for the PDF products?
Yes. The PDF is the authoritative document, and the print-on-demand products are to be generated from the PDF.

Will we receive all of the data and files each day in the feed?
No, we will only send new or updated files and metadata [e.g., fixing an error in the Abstract or a change in Status].

What if my system cannot handle the full IEEE library at once? Is there a way of receiving the documents besides FTP? Is it possible to receive specific technology areas such as all power, all Nuclear, etc.?
Not at this time. Please contact stds-ipr@ieee.org to discuss options.

Does IEEE have a yearly increase in price?
Yes. IEEE will provide a full data dump at the end of the calendar year that provides the latest pricing information.

Can you provide a sample of the XML file to see the complete structure?
Yes, you can receive a copy of the sample XML, Sample Schema, Glossary, and Category tree from the Distributor program manager.

When can you set up the automatic feed?
Once you have signed the IEEE-SA Distributor agreement to sell IEEE Standards products and provide IEEE with your FTP credentials, we will proceed with setting up the feed.

Have a question? Contact us at stds-ipr@ieee.org.