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Requesting Permission for Use of Material from Approved IEEE Standards

Information on requesting permission from IEEE to use material from approved IEEE standards, for uses other than standards development.

How do I obtain permission to reprint information from an IEEE standard? What information should I include in the request?

Complete the IEEE Standards Permission for Use Form to obtain permission to reprint information from an IEEE standard.

The “Scope of Use” needs to explain  how the material will be distributed (e.g., a seminar with overheads and handouts, a publication, or an annex to product information). The IEEE SA will need to determine whether it will be used internally or externally and whether there will be a fee for the information. If there is an estimated distribution volume, please include this information as well.

Do I need to obtain permission to make a copy or several copies of an IEEE standard?

Yes. Any reproduction of IEEE standards must be authorized by IEEE SA. Typically, the license for reproduction of IEEE standards is based on the determination of whether it is for internal or external use. Fees for educational use only reproduction are lower than the external use pricing. Special situations are also negotiable where the circumstances do not entirely fit one use or the other. Contact IEEE SA by completing the IEEE Standards Permission for Use Form.

Do I need permission to reprint the abstract, scope or to reference an IEEE standard?

No. The IEEE SA views the abstract and scope as publicly available information. We only request that you properly reference the title and numeric designation of the standard. When referencing an IEEE standard it may be helpful to contact IEEE SA in order to provide ordering information or distribution availability.

How do I correctly reference an IEEE standard?

The correct title of an IEEE standard includes both its numeric designation and its descriptive title (e.g., IEEE 1076-2008, IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual). The numeric designation begins with "IEEE" followed by the project number and the year of the standard’s approval. The descriptive text title always begins with "IEEE," which is followed by the level of standard (Standard, Recommended Practice, Guide, or Trial-Use Standard). Thereafter, the project name appears.

Do I need permission to use a table or figure from an IEEE standard in a presentation or training seminar?

Yes, permission is required for any reproduction of material from an IEEE standard, no matter how limited the amount of information is. Contact IEEE SA by completing the IEEE Standards Permission for Use Form.