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Accredited Standards Committee

What are Accredited Standards Committees and the role IEEE plays in relationship to them.


What's an Accredited Standards Committee (ASC)?
An ASC is a committee accredited to develop standards. The committee consists of members and a Secretariat.

Who is membership of an ASC open to?

The membership is generally composed of organizations, companies, government agencies, individuals, etc. having a direct and material interest in the activities of the committee. A balance of the various interest groups must be maintained, i.e., no one interest group can dominate the committee.

What's a Secretariat?

The Secretariat is an organization that has oversight responsibilities over the ASC. The Secretariat organizes the committee, applies for its accreditation, oversees the committees compliance to procedures, maintains the roster, submits standards for approval, publishes the standards, etc.

How does someone participate if they have an interest in the work of an ASC?
All committee meetings are open. You can attend the meetings to learn more about the work of the committee and decide whether you wish to participate or possibly apply for membership.


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