WAMIII - Smart Pills: Decoding the Science and Technology to Ensure Quality

Rockville, MD

Smart Pills: Decoding the Science and Technology to Ensure Quality

The Smart Pills Series will feature three workshops, with Part I commencing in November 2019 in collaboration with the US Pharmacopeia (USP), a scientific organization focused on developing quality standards for medicines, dietary supplements and foods. The overall goal of the workshop series is to explore emerging technologies, applications and platforms around smart pills (i.e. medicines with sensors). This includes an exploration of the benefits and challenges with the use of “ingestible sensors” for monitoring, diagnosing and otherwise impacting the delivery of a drug’s therapeutic effect to patients.

The agenda will highlight the creative engineering behind developing sensors that can be embedded into medicine to exist within the human body while satisfying the intended use of the sensor (i.e. data collection and transfer). The workshop will feature sessions on the progress of current use cases, emerging applications and where further development and evaluation may be needed. In addition, IEEE and USP will hold roundtable sessions to explore technical and scientific considerations that will help ensure quality in smart pills. One of the possible outcomes from these sessions is a white paper to engage industry, practitioners and other stakeholders.