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Hosted by IEEE
28 March 2014
12:00pm Eastern US

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Watch experts in information privacy, identity management and personal data share their opinions about the impacts AR may have on corporate and personal privacy

As the use of mobile Augmented Reality becomes more pervasive, companies and individuals are exploring many new opportunities to simplify their lives and streamline their businesses. Most AR systems are delivering information just-in-time in small, context-sensitive bites, and are also capable of capturing every movement and adapting over time with use. The same sensors are also capturing the faces of those who are un-intentionally in the camera’s field of view. The panelists gathered for this session are experts in information privacy, identity management and personal data. They will share their opinions about the impacts AR may have on corporate and personal privacy.

  • What happens to the personal information these systems collect?
  • Is there a contradiction between wanting contextually-sensitive service as well as privacy?
  • What compromises are being made by users? By businesses?
  • What policies are in place today and how are those being tested, enforced or ignored?
  • When and where will concerns for personal data and privacy over-ride the desire (or need) for instant access to contextual information?



John C. Havens is a contributing writer for Mashable, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. He is the Founder of The H(app)athon Project, a non-profit organization, “Connecting Happiness to Action one phone, one heart, and one city at a time” through the use of interactive, sensor-based smartphone surveys. He is also the author of, Tactical Transparency - How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand (Jossey-Bass, 2008).

A former EVP for a top-ten global PR firm, he has counseled clients like Gillette, HP, and Merck on emerging and social media issues, and has been quoted on issues relating to technology, business, and well being by USA Today, Fast Company, BBC News, Mashable, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Forbes, INC, PR Week, and Advertising Age. Havens was also a professional actor in New York City for over 15 years, appearing in principal roles on Broadway, television, and film.


Dr. Dawn Jutla is a Professor of Business and Computer Science and founder of the new Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dawn is also a practicing industry consultant in emerging information technologies, strategy, privacy, big data management, and governance. She has authored over 80 peer-reviewed academic publications, a number of commissioned industry reports on privacy, and separately women in technology, and is the co-author of a book in the Addison Wesley IT Series entitled: E-Business Readiness: A Customer-Focused Framework. Her research is frequently cited in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Productivity, Marketing, Computer Science, and Business Informatics journals.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and the Saint Mary’s Board of Governors. In 2012, she convened the OASIS Privacy by Design for Software Engineers Technical Committee to co-lead the creation of a standard that would help software engineers more easily embed mechanisms for preserving user privacy into their software. She is an editor on the OASIS standards-track Privacy Management Reference Model draft specification, and a guest contributor of an article on “Innovating with Privacy Standards” in the 2014 Privacy Engineering Manifesto book by authors from McAfee. Her honors include the 2009 World Technology Award for IT Software for her work in online privacy.


Jules Polonetsky serves as Executive Director and Co-chair of the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that seeks to advance responsible data practices. Founded five years ago, FPF is supported by more than 80 leading companies, as well as an advisory board of comprised of the country’s leading academics and advocates. FPF’s current projects focus on online data use, smart grid, mobile data, big data, apps and social media.

As AOL’s former Chief Privacy Officer and SVP for Consumer Advocacy, Jules was responsible for ensuring that AOL’s users could trust the company with their information and for educating employees about best practices for advertising, content, and product development.

Jules previously served for four years as Vice President, Integrity Assurance, at America Online Inc. The Integrity Assurance team was responsible for a wide range of consumer protection and risk management issues for AOL’s brands (America Online, AIM, Netscape, Compuserve, Mapquest, MoviePhone, Spinner, WinAmp, ICQ, including privacy, advertising policy, content and community standards, product standards, parental controls, safety and accessibility for users with disabilities.


Moderated by Christine Perey. Christine is the founder and chair of the AR Community, a grassroots group seeking to advance open and interoperable Augmented Reality, and the executive director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance, a non-profit industry organization helping companies become more successful through the smooth introduction of AR-enabled enterprise IT solutions.

Christine has worked for more than 20 years in the domain of rich media communications, initially in the area of dynamic media technologies on personal computers, she founded, was the editor and publisher of the QuickTime Forum, a publication for QuickTime developers 1991-1993.

PEREY Research & Consulting studies and advises vendors, application providers, research institutes and network operators on the design, launch and operation of a range of mobile augmented reality and Internet of Things-based products and services.