2019 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

At the 9th Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day, over 360 automobile manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor vendors, tool providers, engineers, scientists, and educators joined 35 exhibitors at the sold-out event to share ground breaking ideas and applications related to Automotive Ethernet Systems.

2019 Program Book (PDF)

24-25 September, 2019 | Detroit, MI

Welcome Speech (PDF)
John H. Schneider (Ford Motor Company)

Keynote:  “Ethernet: Why does it always win?” (PDF)
Steven B. Carlson (High Speed Design)

General Session Presentations

These presentations were selected by the Program Committee for their technical content

Network, Architecture, Connectivity

From the cloud to the car- the end to end picture (PDF)
Rajeev Roy (NXP), Michael Johnston (NXP)

TSN Ethernet as core network in the centralized vehicle E/E architecture: challenges and possible solution (PDF)
Hoai Hoang Bengtsson (Volvo), Martin Hiller (Volvo), Samuel Sigfridsson (Volvo)

Early-stage topological and technological choices for TSN-based communication architectures  (PDF)
Nicolas Navet (University of Luxembourg), Josetxo Villanueva (Renault), Jörn Migge (Real Time at Work)

Zonal EE Architecture: Towards a Fully Automotive Ethernet-Based Vehicle Infrastructure  (PDF)
Jochen Klaus-Wagenbrenner (Visteon Electronics Germany)

Validation & Test

Crash Farming and Gang Programming over Ethernet: Old concepts meet new challenges (PDF)
John Simon (Intrepid Control Systems), Samir Bhagwat (Intrepid Control Systems)

Measuring the performance of Automotive Ethernet switch under variety of realistic and worst case scenarios (PDF)
Sravanthi Manthripragada (Ford Motor Company)

Testing the security and reliability of Ethernet communications using fuzzing, in the era of software-oriented automotive E/E architecture (PDF)
Razvan Petre (Spirent)

Power efficient Ethernet PHY for camera and display (PDF)
Amir Bar-Niv (Marvell), George Zimmerman (CME Consulting), Paul Langner (Marvell)

Special Panel Session

Ethernet bandwidth—where does it end?
Moderator: James Lawlis (Ford Motor Company)
Panelists: Claude R . Gauthier (NXP), Jace A Mogill (General Motors), Joe Stenger (Molex), Mark Zachos (DG Technologies), Christopher Mash (Ethernovia)

Safety & Security

Design and implementation of IDS for AVB/TSN networks (PDF) 
Rodrigo Alves (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco), Michael Buchalik (Robert Bosch), Divanilson Campelo (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco), Timo Lothspeich (Robert Bosch)

Security areas and modular IDPS – architecture design elements protecting Automotive Ethernet networks (PDF)
Roman Pallierer (Elektrobit), Michael Ziehensack (Elektrobit), Georg Gaderer (Elektrobit)

Real life experience: feasibility, benefits and drawbacks from implementation of next generation Ethernet firewall, router and intrusion detection system on smart Ethernet switch and end (host) microcontroller (PDF) 
Siddharth Shukla (Robert Bosch), Jan Holle (Escrypt)

PHY, Switch, µC

Beyond 10Gb/s: Automotive Ethernet rates for the 2020's (PDF)
Will Chu (Marvell Semiconductor), Steven B. Carlson (High Speed Design)

Robust connectivity solutions for next generation Automotive Ethernet (PDF)
Bert Bergner (TE Connectivity), Eric DiBiaso (TE Connectivity)

Automotive physical layer system design for high bandwidth protocol (PDF)
Ajeya Gupta (Ford Motor Company), Haysam Kadry (Ford Motor Company)

AVB/TSN, Higher Layer Protocols, Software

The study of TSN profiling for Safety and Reliability on automotive network (PDF)
Takumi Nomura (Honda), Katsuyuki Akizuki (NEC), Ken Ueda (NEC), Ryohei Kawabuchi (Mazda), Yoshifumi Hotta (Mitsubishi Electric) – All representing JASPAR

Why do we need Data Distribution Service (DDS) and service-oriented architecture for automotive applications (PDF)
Prachi Joshi (General Motors), Prathap Venugopal (General Motors), Massimo Osella (General Motors)

Time synchronization in redundant networks (PDF)
Thorsten Hoffleit (Renesas)

Choosing the right TSN tool(s) to meet a network’s bounded latency requirement (PDF)
Don Pannell (NXP)

Paid Sponsor Presentations

Testing self-driving, connected cars: Why Ethernet as a logging network is the optimal solution (PDF)
Thomas Königseder (Technica Engineering GmbH)

The Need for Multi-Gigabit Speeds for In-Vehicle Connectivity (PDF)
John Michalik (Valens)

High speed data connectors and Bird View Systems for towing vehicles (PDF)
Sasha Babenko (Erich Jaeger USA), Marc Tieleboerger (Erich Jaeger USA)

Architecture changes that are driving the requirement for >10Gbps network technology (PDF)
Hamid Salehi (Marvell Semiconductor)

ARXML for Automotive Ethernet (PDF)
Intrepid Control Systems

Use case studies for AE Active Taps (Automation, Flashing, API Integration - RAD-Star 2 and RAD-Galaxy) (PDF)
Intrepid Control Systems

A merging of worlds, industry and data centers transcending the in-vehicle network (PDF) 
Harsh Patel (Molex)

Transitioning to Automotive Ethernet – 10Mbps to 10Gbps and beyond (PDF)
Mike Jones (Microchip Technology),  Bernd Sostawa  (Microchip Technology)

A merging of worlds, a system level view of in-vehicle networks (PDF)
Eric Scott (Molex)

Automotive Ethernet Compliance and System Level Testing using Non-Intrusive signal Separation Techniques (PDF)
Darshan Mehta (Tektronix India)

AllGo Connectivity Middleware Based on TSN  for Autonomous (PDF)
Sanjeev Madhavankutty (AllGo Systems)

Compliance and Signal Integrity Analysis of Automotive Ethernet Networks (PDF)
Steve Murphy (Teledyne LeCroy)