IEEE SA - 2018 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

This is the premier event for manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and tool providers to learn about Ethernet technologies and applications in the automotive environment.

2018 Program Book (PDF)

9-10 October 2018, London, England



Welcome Speech (PDF)
Simon Chandler (Jaguar Land Rover)



The Inevitable: High Speed Ethernet in Automotive (PDF)
Amir Bar-Niv (Aquantia) - Representing NAV Alliance


Network, Architecture, Connectivity

Evolution of Ethernet-based Automotive Networks: Faster AND Cheaper (PDF)
Kirsten Matheus (BMW)

1000BASE-T1 from Standard to Series Production - Enabling Next Generation Scalable Architecture (PDF)
Christopher Mash (Marvell Semiconductor), Olaf Krieger (Volkswagen)

Software-defined Networking in Automotive (PDF)
Michael Döring (Robert Bosch), Jens Bierschenk (Robert Bosch)

End to End Connectivity Design with Automotive Ethernet and Service-Oriented Architecture (PDF)
Won Seon Sim (Hyundai Motors), Seung Jun Lee (AirPlug)

Seamless Communications for on-/off-board applications (PDF)
Harita Joshi (Jaguar Land Rover), Max Turner (Jaguar Land Rover)

Harmonization of TSN Parameter Modeling with Automotive Design Flows (PDF)
Marina Gutierrez Lopez (TTTech)



Intrusion Detection Adapted for Automotive – Challenges for HW and an Implementation Example (PDF)
Harald Zweck (Infineon Technologies), Ronny Schulze (Infineon Technologies)

Making gPTP capable for secure time synchronization (PDF)
Bernd Jesse (Vector Informatik)


Special Panel Session

Challenges of implementing a complete Ethernet vehicle (E/E Architecture, cybersecurity, safety, quality of service, connectivity, upgradability in the field) (PDF)
Moderator: Syreeta Bath (Jaguar Land Rover) Panelists: Kirsten Matheus (BMW), George Zimmerman (CME Consulting), Don Pannell (NXP), Norman Finn (Huawei), Siddharth Shukla (ESCRYPT)


PHY, Switch, µC

New 10BASE-T1S in future automotive networking applications (PDF)
Martin Miller (Microchip)

Standardized Automotive Ethernet Cables and Connectors (PDF)
Steve Carlson (HSP Design)


AVB/TSN, Higher Layer Protocols, Software

Increasing Network Efficiency by Combining Ethernet/TSN Standards (PDF)
Don Pannell (NXP Semiconductors)

Automotive Ethernet for Virtual Machines (PDF)
Michael Ziehensack (Elektrobit)

A comparative analysis of Precision Time Protocol in native, virtual machines and container-based environments for consolidating time sensitive automotive workloads (PDF)
Usman Sarwar (Intel), Boon Leong Ong (Intel), Anil N Kumar (Intel)

An innovative traffic management scheme for deterministic/event-based communications in automotive applications with a focus on Automated Driving Applications (PDF)
Giancarlo Vasta (Magneti Marelli), Lucia Lo Bello (Università degli Studi di Catania), Davide Fontana (Magneti Marelli), Filippo Battaglia (University of Catania), Gaetano Patti (University of Catania)


Sponsor Promotions

Marvell Semiconductor (PDF)
Will Chu

IEEE Standards Association (PDF)
Rudi Schubert


Validation & Test

A Simulation Based Analysis of Dynamic Priority Allocation Strategy of IEEE 802.1Q for In-Vehicle Networking Systems (PDF)
Liz James (University of Warwick)

Insights into the performance and configuration of TCP in Automotive Ethernet Networks (PDF)
Nicolas Navet (University of Luxembourg), Jörn Migge (RealTime-at-Work)

First insights to compliance verification of Automotive Ethernet Switches based on OPEN TC11 (PDF)
Alon Regev (Keysight Technologies), Avik Bhattacharya (Keysight Technologies), Fabian Nikolaus (C&S Group)