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Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week

Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week


The 2020 Edition of IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week took place as a Virtual Event due to travel restrictions and constraints arising from COVID-19. Over 260 registered attendees joined this year’s event spanned a full week of technical presentations and opportunities for virtual engagement with our sponsoring exhibitors. 

E&IP@ATD is the premier venue for automobile manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor vendors, tool providers, engineers, scientists, educators and the media to share ground breaking ideas along with implementation strategies and applications related to Automotive Ethernet Systems. 

Presentations provided insights into the developments, trends and solutions in the following topics:

  • Current automotive use-cases and future perspectives
  • Ethernet's role to facilitate cloud connectivity
  • Ethernet network design and specification
  • Ethernet requirements for automated driving applications
  • Safety, security and reliability of Ethernet communications
  • Markets and strategies
  • Tools and tests methods
  • Present and future physical layer and protocol solutions

2020 Host

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We hope to see you next year at the BMW facility in Munich, Germany for the 10th year anniversary of the IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology event. To get more information on future events, please join our mailing list.

2020 Virtual Exhibitors

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This year’s program includes:

  • General Session Presentations: Presentations chosen for their content by the Program Committee from the many abstracts received.

PHY, Switch, µC 

High-Speed Interfaces for High-Performance Computing (PDF)
Daniel Hopf  (Continental)

Inter-processor Connectivity for Future Centralized Compute Platforms (PDF)
Mike Jones and Richard Cannon (Microchip)

Self-Diagnosis for In-Vehicle Networks (PDF)
Ramin Farjadrad, Dance Wu, Peter Wu, Shaoan Dai (Marvell)

AVB/TSN, Higher Layer Protocols, Software

Status & Content of the IEEE TSN Auto Profile (PDF)
Don Pannell (NXP)

Fault Tolerant Ethernet Time Synchronization (PDF)
Prathap Venugopal and Soheil Samii (GM)

Application, Connectivity

Stéfany Chourakorn (AUTOSAR/BMW)

Service-Oriented Gateway:  Connecting Automotive Ethernet and Cloud  for Efficient Development of Connected Car Services (PDF)
Wonseon Sim (Hyundai Motor Group) and Seung Jun Lee (AirPlug, Inc.)

Network and Architecture

Towards Computer-Aided, Iterative TSN-and Ethernet-based E/E Architecture Design (PDF)
Oliver Creighton (BMW), Nicolas Navet (Uni. Luxembourg /, Patrick KELLER (Uni. Luxembourg), and Jörn Migge (RealTime-at-Work (RTaW))

Holistic analysis of task scheduling and message scheduling in automotive centralised E/E architecture (PDF)
Hoai Hoang Bengtsson, Martin Hiller, Fredrik Mattsson and Jerker Bengtsson (Volvo Car Corporation)

DoIP (ISO13400) Enhancements for Future Architectures (PDF)
Max Turner (Ethernovia)

Lessons learned of 10+ years  Ethernet Development (PDF) 
Thomas Königseder and Dr. Lars Völker (Technica Engineering GmbH)

Comparing the adoption of TSN between automotive and non-automotive networks (PDF)
Avik Bhattacharya [Keysight (formerly Ixia)]

A framework to virtually validate quality of service contracts in ethernet-based vehicle data infrastructures for automotive cyber-physical systems (PDF) 
Ricardo Gonzalez De Oliveira, Indrasen Raghupatruni, Damon Martini, and Achim Henkel (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Safety & Security

Automotive Network Security (PDF) 
Dr. Lars Völker (Technica Engineering GmbH)

Practical Use Cases for Ethernet Redundancy (PDF) 
Don Pannell (NXP) and Nicolas Navet (University of Luxembourg)

Safety Issues with gPTP and Potential Solutions (PDF) 
Max Turner (Ethernovia)



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Steering Committee

Kirsten Matheus - BMW (Chair)
Daniel Hopf – Continental Automotive (Vice Chair)
Rudi Schubert– IEEE SA 
James Lawlis – Ford Motor Company
Prathap Venugopal – General Motors
Syreeta Bath – Jaguar Land Rover
Ryohei Kawabuchi – (Mazda) – JASPAR
Jinhwa Yun – Hyundai Motor Company
Jonathan Kuhn – Fiat Chrysler
Josetxo Villanueva – Renault
Damon Martini – Robert Bosch

Program Committee

Syreeta Bath – Jaguar Land Rover (Chair)
Prathap Venugopal – General Motors (Vice Chair)
Soheil Samii – General Motors
Damon Martini – Robert Bosch
Daniel Hopf,  Michael Ziehensack (Elektrobit) – Continental Automotive
David Stiles – Fiat Chrysler
Steve Carlson – HSP Design
John Simon – Intrepid Control Systems
Chris Mash – Ethernovia
Mike Jones –  Microchip
Don Pannell – NXP
Josetxo Villanueva – Renault
Greg Destexhe –  Techpoint Consulting LTD
Kirsten Matheus - BMW
James Lawlis - Ford Motor Company
Laurent Manhes - Microchip

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