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Digital Citizen Workshop Series

Zurich, Switzerland


The Wearable Wireless Testbed will be established to provide a common platform for the development, testing, and certification of wearable and medical-grade wireless sensor systems. The platform will be available to industry and academic organizations. Initially, three platforms will be established in Ireland, United States and Israel. The platform is intended to be harmonized with other 5G testbed initiatives.

IEEE SA, ETH Zurich, the IT’IS Foundation, and the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina will lead the effort. In addition to representation from the IT’IS Foundation, the initial list of interested participants includes researchers from Ireland, Scotland, France, Israel, and the United States as well as industry representatives from France, Germany, and the United States.

Research areas include wireless systems, sensor technologies, and bioelectromagnetics. Industry representatives include device manufacturers and test equipment developers. 

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