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IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies

San Diego, CA


There is an increasing interest and need in the development and use of advanced technologies to monitor and control brain activities to treat neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Depression, etc., from the molecular to systemic levels, The advanced technologies such as robotics and exoskeletons have already made significant impact on rehabilitation for retraining upper and lower extremity function after stroke, spinal cord injuries and TBI.

The 2018 IEEE Brain Initiative Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies will highlight the development of novel technological innovations, covering both invasive and non-invasive approaches, which provide precise and consistent therapy in a controlled and rigorous manner, track quantitatively the therapy related improvement and treat many subjects simultaneously, with multiple robots under the supervision of just one or two therapists. The Workshop will also focus on translational neural engineering as well as career and entrepreneurial opportunities in this field.