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Power and Energy Working Groups

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Power and Energy Working Groups
B12W/P1511 - WG for Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Shielded Power Cable Failures on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kVTo develop a general overview and suggested working procedures to investigate and analyze cable failures on systems rated 5 kV through 4 ... active Working Group
B16W/386 - Separable Insulated Connector Systems Working GroupRevision of IEEE 386-95 Std for Separable Insulated Connectors System for Power Distribution Systems above 600 V active Working Group
B17W/P1610 - Faulted Circuit Indicator Working Group B17WP495, P1216, and P1610 Guides for the Application of Fault Circuit Indicators active Working Group
B18W/1215 - Separable Connectors Working GroupIEEE-1215 Application guide for Separable Connectors active Working Group
C02W/P575 - Bonding Metallic Shields of Single Conductor Power Cables Rated 69 - 500 kV Working GroupAll issues related to installation, operation and testing of cable systems. active Working Group
C11W/1120 - Submarine Cables Working GroupThis group exchanges information about submarine power cables. Topics include the planning, permitting, design, installation, operation ... active Working Group
C14W/82 - Impulse Voltage Testing Working GroupThis Working Group maintains the Standard for performing lightning impulse testing of high voltage cables, IEEE 82 - Standard Test Proce ... active Working Group
C25W/P442 - Working Group for Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Measurements - IEEE 442The purpose of this guide is to provide sufficient information to enable the user to select useful commercial test equipment, or to manu ... active Working Group
D05W_WG/P1185 - Station Cable Installation Criteria Working GroupWG D5W is responsible for the development and maintenance of IEEE 1185, Recommended Practices for Cable Installation at Generating Stati ... active Working Group
D11W/P1143 - Working Group for Shielding Practice for Low Voltage Cables (D11W)Subcommittee D is tasked with cable systems for power, control, signal, data, communication, and fiber optic applications for use in gen ... active Working Group
D15W/1202 - Flame Propagation Testing Working GroupWG D15W is responsible for the maintenance and revision of IEEE 1202, Standard for Flame Propagation Testing of Wire & Cable. The d ... active Working Group
D17W/P1717 - Standard For Testing Circuit Integrity Cables Using the Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test ProtocolThe Generating Station and Industrial Cables Subcommittee’s mission is to continually advance the understanding and improve the applic ... active Working Group
F02W/P400.1 - Guide for Shielded Power Cable SystemsAdministers standards activities within the ICC: assists the subcommittee with generation, development, revision or reaffirmation of tec ... active Working Group
F07W/1617 - Neutral Corrosion Working GroupTo provide a forum for discussions related to cable neutral corrosion and collect relevant data in order to issue a guide covering contr ... active Working Group