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Power and Energy Working Groups

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Power and Energy Working Groups
UG-WGC57.12.44 - Underground TR & NW Protect - Std. Req. for Sec. Network Protectors Working GroupStudy and review the engineering aspects of secondary network protectors and secondary network transformers (liquid filled and dry-type) ... active Working Group
TAD - Test and ATS Description Working GroupOur subcommittee was formerly known as the ATLAS subcommittee because our primary activity was concerned with the development of ATLAS s ... active Working Group
1547.2WG - DR Interconnection Application Guide Procedures Working GroupThis document facilitates the use of IEEE 1547 by characterizing the various forms of distributed resource technologies and the associat ... active Working Group
1547.4WG - DR Island Systems Working GroupThis guide is intended to be used by EPS designers, operators, system integrators, and equipment manufacturers. The document is intended ... active Working Group
1547.6WG - Distributed Resources Interconnected with Distribution Secondary Networks Working GroupThis standard focuses on the technical issues associated with the interconnection of Area EPS distribution secondary networks with a Loc ... active Working Group
2030WG - IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Interoperability Working GroupWelcome to the P2030 Work Group (WG) site. The purpose of this site is to facilitate development of the P2030 standard while providing e ... active Working Group
DRIS WG - P1547.7 Distributed Resources Impact Studies Working GroupThe creation of IEEE Std 1547 IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systemshas led to the increase ... active Working Group
ESS - Working Group for Energy Storage SubsystemsSCC21 Oversees the development of standards in the areas of Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage, and coo ... active Working Group
1609 - Dedicated Short Range Communication Working GroupThe IEEE 1609 Family of Standards for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) define an architecture and a complementary, stand ... active Working Group