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Instrumentation and Measurement Working Groups

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Instrumentation and Measurement Working Groups
WRSC - Waveform Recorder SubcommitteeThis working group is part of the Waveform Generation, Measurement and Analysis Technical Committee (TC-10) of the IEEE Instrumentation ... active Working Group
TPC-Corona - Corona and Field EffectsThe scope of the Corona and Field Effects Working Group is: Analysis and calculation of corona on conductors, structures and hardware. ... active Working Group
DMC - Diagnostic and Maintenance Control Working GroupTo provide formal specifications to support exchange and analysis of information in system test and diagnosis. active Working Group
HI - Hardware Interfaces Working GroupThe Hardware Interfaces (HI) Sub-committee manages the IEEE-1505 RFI and the associated Pin Map (IEEE-1505.1 CTI) standards. The 1505 R ... active Working Group
TAD - Test and ATS Description Working GroupOur subcommittee was formerly known as the ATLAS subcommittee because our primary activity was concerned with the development of ATLAS s ... active Working Group
TC95_SC1 - Techniques, Procedures, Instrumentation and Computation Working GroupSubcommittee 1 is responsible for the development of standards for the assessment of human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromag ... active Working Group