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Power and Energy Projects
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1820 - Guide on the Selection of Transmission and Distribution Insulators with Respect to Cold Weather ConditionsThe purpose of this guide is to provide methods to characterize the pollution and icing environment of a location or region and then to ... active Project
1854 - IEEE Draft Guide for Smart Distribution Applications GuideThis guide categorizes important smart distribution applications, develops descriptions of the critical functions involved, defines impo ... active Project
1857.8 - Standard for 2nd Generation Audio CodingThis standard is the second generation of IEEE std 1857.2-2013 [IEEE Standard for Advanced Audio Coding], which provides more flexible a ... active Project
1870 - Guide for the Parameter Measurement of AC Transmission LinesThe accurate parameter of power transmission line is the basis of precise power flow calculations, stability analysis, protective settin ... active Project
1876 - Standard for Networked Smart Learning for Online LaboratoriesTo ease the design and implementation of pedagogically driven remote laboratory experiments and its learning environments. active Project
1879 - Trial Use Guide for Extending the Life of Power Cables in the FieldTo educate potential users in the technology of rejuvination so that they can make decisions concerning the application of the technolo ... active Project
1882 - IEEE Draft Guide for Establishing, Benchmarking, and Maintaining a Working Program for Energized Transmission LinesThis guide describes the necessary elements for developing a live working program on AC transmission systems. active Project
1885 - Guide for Assessing, Measuring and Verifying Volt-Var Control Optimization on Distribution SystemsThis guide provides methods to estimate the potential benefits (e.g., energy savings, demand reduction and loss reduction) that can be a ... active Project
1889 - Guide for Evaluating and Testing the Electrical Performance of Energy Saving DevicesIt is the purpose of this guide to provide instructions for the measurement protocol of all the electrical quantities that are needed in ... active Project
1891 - Standard Criteria for Application of Intelligent Digital Devices to Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard provides criteria and guidance for the use of intelligent digital devices/components in nuclear generating station applica ... active Project
1901.1 - IEEE Draft Standard for Medium Frequency (less than 15 MHz) Power Line Communications for Smart Grid ApplicationsThis Standard specifies Physical (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) layers of the medium frequency band (less than 12 MHz) broadband p ... active Project
1924.1 - Recommended practice for developing energy efficient power-proportional digital architecturesThe purpose of this practice is to provide a set of guidelines for the designers and developers of digital architectures that ensures th ... active Project
2030.5 - IEEE Draft Standard for Smart Energy Profile Application ProtocolThe 'APPLICATION' layer with TCP/IP providing functions in the 'TRANSPORT' and 'INTERNET' layers is defined in this standard. Depending ... active Project
2030.8 - IEEE Draft Standard for the Testing of Microgrid ControllersA key element of microgrid operation is the microgrid controller and more specifically the energy management system. It includes the con ... active Project
2030.10 - Standard for DC Microgrids for Rural and Remote Electricity Access ApplicationsThe purpose of this standard is to address the needs of the electrical power industry to provide safe and economic access to electricity ... active Project
2030.101 - IEEE Draft Guide for Designing a Time Synchronization System for Power SubstationsThis guide practice covers the design, installation and monitoring of time synchronization systems in power utility substations. This in ... active Project
2030.102.1 - Standard for Interoperability of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Utilized within Utility Control SystemsThe purpose of this document is to define specific configuration profiles of the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) protocol suite suita ... active Project
2048.3 - Standard for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Immersive Video File and Stream FormatsThis standard specifies the formats of immersive video files and streams, and the functions and interactions enabled by the formats. active Project
2048.4 - Standard for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Person IdentityThe standard specifies the requirements and methods for verifying a person's identify in virtual reality. active Project
2411 - Human Factors Engineering Guide for the Validation of System Designs and Integrated Systems Operations at Nuclear FacilitiesThe project will provide guidance to be used by nuclear facility designers, applicants, licensees, architect/engineers and regulators to ... active Project
2412 - Standard Test for Determining Circuit Integrity Performance of Fire Resistive Cable Systems in Passenger Rail and Road TunnelsThe purpose of the document is to provide circuit integrity test methodology and performance requirements for cables systems which may ... active Project
2417 - Guide to Smoke, Fire and Explosions in Underground Electrical StructuresFailures of underground cables and accessories can result in the release of toxic gases and large amounts of energy. The guide examines ... active Project
2420 - Standard Criteria for Combustion Turbine Generator Units Applied as Standby Power Supplies for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThe purpose of this standard is to provide principal design criteria, design features, testing, and qualification requirements for combu ... active Project
2421 - Guide for Designing and Developing Computer-Based Displays for Monitoring and Control of Nuclear FacilitiesThis document leverages knowledge gained from recent industry experience developing CBDs to provide detailed guidance for applying the g ... active Project
2425 - Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Electrical and Instrumentation and Control Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear FacilitiesThe purpose of the standard is to provide qualification methods and criteria for establishing EMC of electrical and I&C equipment used i ... active Project
2426 - Guide for Field Measurement of Fast-Front and Very Fast-Front Overvoltages in Electric Power SystemThis guide provides a practical reference document which supervisors, engineers, technicians and researchers may reference for guidance ... active Project
2460 - Nuclear Facilities - Instrumentation Important To Safety - Spent Fuel Pool InstrumentationThe purpose of this standard is to establish design, performance, qualification, and display criteria for spent fuel pool instrumentatio ... active Project
2465 - Recommended Practice for Pulse-Type Partial Discharge Measurements on Individual Stator Coils and BarsThe purposes of this recommended practice are as follows: a) To provide a uniform procedure for pulse-type partial discharge measurement ... active Project
2655 - Atmospheric Inspection & AssessmentPurpose--The purpose of this standard is to provide procedures for the use of common inspection practices and technology on structures a ... active Project
2656 - Guide for Functional Specification of Voltage-Sourced Converter for HVDC StationsThis guide presents technical information that may be used as the basis of functional specifications for VSC HVDC Converter Stations. Th ... active Project
2685 - Recommended Practice for Energy Storage for Stationary Engine-Starting SystemsFailure of engine-driven generators to start is a major cause of data-center and other system outages. This document addresses the energ ... active Project
2740 - Guide for the Selection and Installation of Flexible Electrical Cables and Systems in Hazardous (Classified) Locations on Land Drilling RigsThis guide will address gaps in cable system selection, performance and installation of cables and cable systems for Hazardous (Classifi ... active Project
2760 - Guide for Wind Power Plant Collector System Design for Personnel SafetyThe intent of this guide is to provide guidance and information pertinent to the grounding practices in wind power plant collector syste ... active Project
2771 - Guide for Parameter Configuration of Arcing Horns of DC Earth Electrode LinesThis guide indicates the dimension, installed position, gap distance of arcing horns of earth electrode lines, and provides a uniform cr ... active Project
2775 - Technical Guide for Smart Hydroelectric Power PlantTraditional hydroelectric power plant automation and information systems lack an integrated standard for guidance, which can lead to red ... active Project
2776 - Guide for Specifying and Selecting Cables for Nuclear FacilitiesThe purpose of this guide is to provide the user with cable designs and applications that are common in the nuclear industry. It is int ... active Project
2778 - Guide for Solar Power Plant Grounding for Personnel ProtectionThe intent of this guide is to provide guidance and information pertinent to the grounding practices in solar power plants for personnel ... active Project
3002.2 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Conducting Load-Flow Studies of Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThis recommended practice addresses activities related to load flow analysis, including design considerations for new systems, analytica ... active Project
3002.3 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Conducting Short-Circuit Studies of Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThis recommended practice addresses activities related to short-circuit analysis, including design considerations for new systems, analy ... active Project
3002.7 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Conducting Motor-Starting Studies in Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThis recommended practice describes how to conduct motor-starting studies including design considerations for new systems, analytical st ... active Project