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Nuclear Power Projects

Nuclear Power Projects
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384 - IEEE Draft Standard Criteria for Independence of Class 1E Equipment and CircuitsThe independence requirements of the circuits and equipment comprising or associated with Class 1E systems are described. Criteria for t ... active Project
603 - IEEE Draft Standard Criteria for Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating StationsMinimum functional and design criteria for the power, instrumentation, and control portions of nuclear power generating station safety s ... active Project
690 - IEEE Draft Standard for the Design and Installation of Cable Systems for Class 1E Circuits in Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard provides direction for the design and installation of safety-related electrical cable systems, including associated circui ... active Project
1467 - Standard for Reliability GrowthThe standard is useful to all industries that drive to improve their designs for reliability and require a method to measure the reliabi ... active Project
62582-6 - IEEE/IEC Draft International Standard - Nuclear power plants -- Instrumentation and control important to safety -- Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods. Part 6: Insulation resistanceInsulation resistance measurement is the most commonly applied method for indication of the condition of insulating components, primaril ... active Project
N42.54 - Draft American National Standard Instrumentation and Systems for Monitoring Airborne RadioactivityThe complexity associated with quantitative assay and monitoring of aerosols and gasses can be substantial. This standard covers system ... active Project