Financial Reporting
Access to the information and documentation needed to submit the required IEEE financial reporting for the year.


Annual Report Deadline
15 February, annually

POB/COI - In order to provide compliance with IEEE Audit, each Working Group Sponsor Chair and Treasurer will be required to complete a Principle of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest (POB/COI) form.

About the Report - The Financial Reporting Certification Form (XLS) has been specially designed for Standards use. Please do not attempt to change the form. This form contains the following documents that each must be completed:

  1. Certification that all transaction detail has been posted to NetSuite
  2. Authorized Bank Account Signers
  3. POB/COI

Electronically submitted documents meet reporting requirements as long as they have complete signatures, a mail hard copy is not necessary.

If reporting bank account activity for accounts outside of the Concentration Banking program, please submit original bank statements with the financial reporting submission.

Expenses over $250K
Any annual reported receipts or expenses over $250K are required to have an independent audit by either an IEEE Internal Audit or by an Independent Audit Firm. Audit should be completed by end of June. Questions should be directed to the IEEE Internal Audit Director at