IEEE/ISO/IEC 21841-2019 - ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Systems and software engineering -- Taxonomy of systems of systems
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This document defines a normalized taxonomy for systems of systems (SoS) to facilitate communications among stakeholders. It also briefly explains what a taxonomy is and how it applies to the SoS to aid in understanding and communication. Taxonomies provide a means in many fields to classify and describe the relationships between the relevant elements being studied. The elements of the taxonomy, or taxa, form a partitioning or means of classification within that body of knowledge. In the context of systems of systems (SoS), the relevant elements are, by definition, systems themselves. Using essential characteristics to partition the various types of SoS provides an abbreviated nomenclature for thinking about SoS. Based on the taxonomies, different approaches to the engineering of systems of systems are possible, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of systems of systems engineering.
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