IEEE SA helps to foster new and emerging technologies that have real-world applications.

IEEE Standards Association Initiatives

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is a home for new and emerging technologies activities and consensus work. As industry continues to innovate and expand the possibilities of what technology can do for humanity, the IEEE SA is identifying opportunities to explore rapidly evolving technologies, the need for interoperability and consensus building via an open, transparent, and proven process. 

IEEE has focused efforts in the following technology areas:


brain made up of a cloud of connections

Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS)

Our global community is developing accessible and sustainable approaches and solutions for practical application of AIS principles and frameworks.

globe made of zeros and ones


A community-powered platform for open source projects. IEEE SA Open delivers the features you need to build and expand your project from the ground up.

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A Global Forum for organizations interested in the development and use of standards to further the development of autonomous and intelligent systems.

Speech bubble Internet of Things


Converging technologies and the need for interoperability means standardization.

Augmented Reality on Mobile Phone


Highly fragmented technology area, ground rules are needed to set the stage growth.