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Ethernet technologies provide flexible, scalable and cost-effective in-vehicle network. As such, automotive industries are looking to Automotive Ethernet as the next generation communication bus and it has become increasingly important as a backbone to a car’s communication network. Safety standards and increased consumer communication demands require the automotive industry to add more applications with ever-increasing complexity for connectivity to networks.

To ensure optimal design, safety, and interoperability of these connected cars, automakers and their suppliers need comprehensive test solutions to validate devices, systems, applications, and even the entire in-vehicle network. All versions of Automotive Ethernet require rigorous testing: IEEE 802.3bw™, IEEE 802.3bp™, and OABR 3.2. The specified tests covering transmitters, receivers, and harness/connector assemblies are requires complex testing.

On the higher protocol layers, a new set of technologies have evolved to ensure existing automotive applications like ADAS, Infotainment, Diagnostics etc. can run on new Ethernet-based communication systems. New technologies like audio/video bridging (AVB) and time-sensitive networking (TSN) have matured and secured their application in the car network.

C&S Group and Ixia address the challenging tasks of safeguarding, validating and optimizing automotive Ethernet communications. The synergy between these two areas of expertise is a decisive factor for future success.

With Ixia’s 20+ years of leadership in Ethernet validation and C&S’s 20+ years of research and expertise in automotive communications, they offer together an industry test lab and solutions that automotive manufacturers and suppliers can trust to validate robustness and conformity to standards.

Keysight and Ixia are committed to provide full quality automotive Ethernet layer 1 to 7 test solutions, simulation and consulting services.

Visit our booth number 22 at the IEEE Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day,  9-10 October 2018 in London, England to learn more about our offering.

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