Serious Games/Virtual Reality


Expanding beyond its traditional strong base in information technologies, communications, and power and energy, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is emphasizing its role in the development of standards and related activities for new and emerging technologies. One new area is in serious games and virtual reality.

Multiple groups within IEEE have been exploring the possibility of standards in serious games and virtual reality through workshops, conferences, and meetings (virtual and otherwise). For example, a new standards project, IEEE P1828, Draft Standard for Systems with Virtual Components, is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee.

Applications for serious games and virtual reality include education, healthcare, advertising, business processes and military simulations, so a diversity of participants is important. Issues to be discussed include: security, accessibility, usability, interoperability, portability, identity, and intellectual property.

If you would like to lend your expertise and join in this new activity in IEEE, please contact us.

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