OCEANIS launches Global AI Standards Repository


The Open Community on Ethics and Intelligent Systems (OCEANIS), a global forum for discussion, debate and collaboration for organizations interested in the development and use of standards to further the development of A/IS, has launched the Global AI Standards Repository.

The repository is the world’s first integrated, centralized, open and transparent notification system capturing AI and Autonomous and Intelligent Systems standards and standards in progress from Standards Developing Bodies around the world. OCEANIS member CIO Strategy Council proposed the development of the Global AI Standards Repository to OCEANIS as a measure to support cooperation, collaboration and global alignment.

Navigating the process of voluntary standardization in the domain of autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) is complex, with hundreds of pertinent SDOs, SSOs and consortia globally. Lacking efficient coordination mechanisms, the gaps that need to be filled are not always evident and the resulting “standards” (industry specifications, guides, open standards, regulations, etc.) are not always mutually consistent and free from contradiction.

Since OCEANIS is an open and rapidly expanding community with members from all over the world, the repository is an effective tool to identify harmonization opportunities and mitigate duplication of standards and efforts at a global scale. The repository provides a single point of access to information on standards development activities around the globe in the autonomous and intelligent systems space. It creates a greater ability to leverage global information and research as well as to identify standardization efforts that may be duplicative and enable resolution of associated issues more easily and quickly. It also provides a mechanism to increase transparency and to facilitate contact between relevant stakeholders in governments, industry, and technology proponents with interest in the development of A/IS standards projects.

As a founding member of OCEANIS, IEEE SA encourages all organizations developing standards around A/IS to submit their standards, published or those in development, to the standards repository.

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