NXP Automotive Ethernet PHY transceiver helps maximize efficiency across in-vehicle networks


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NXP is introducing an Ethernet PHY transceiver which provides innovative sleep and wake-up-forwarding functionality. Standard-compliant and interoperable according to OPEN Alliance TC-10, this innovation is an important enabler to reach the efficiency goals of future E/E vehicle architectures.

Automotive Ethernet is writing a huge success story. Since the 2014 technology introductions in vehicles from BMW, JLR and VW, global roll out of automotive Ethernet has been underway. The vast majority of carmakers worldwide will connect multiple 100BASE-T1 nodes in switched star networks before 2020. Ethernet is used in many applications, like infotainment, telematics units, ADAS and gateways — and Ethernet is already used as a backbone to connect domain controllers.

Carmakers are paving the way to autonomous driving, with more connected and automated cars rolling off assembly lines every day. This transformation requires massive changes to the current E/E architectures. Modular domain-based architectures and fixed-function ECUs improve both flexibility and efficiency. With functions distributed across the car, the data communications between domains and modules will require higher data rates. IP-communications over Ethernet offers a solution to address the ever-increasing rates. Hierarchical switched networks will connect the central compute nodes to peripheral door nodes, sensors and actuators.  In these systems, many ECUs will not require other data communication buses — but Ethernet.

By introducing TJA1101 with TC-10 compliant sleep and wake forwarding over the Ethernet data line, it is possible to dynamically manage power modes of the PHY itself, and even of the entire ECU. It saves a dedicated wake up line wire, and hence additional cost, weight and real estate for cables and connectors.

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