The Journey Towards Universal, Affordable Internet Access


From knowledge gathering to communication to commerce, the Internet is an amazing tool benefiting those with access. Recently, the global conversation around universal, affordable Internet access has seen a shift from asking “why” it is important to determining “how” it’s accomplished. The complex landscape of geographic markets, regulatory environments, and behavioral norms are just a few examples of challenges this endeavor faces. In Engadget’s recent Public Access article Universal, Affordable Internet Access: From ‘Why?’ to ‘How?’, Karen McCabe, Senior Director of Technology Policy and International Affairs at IEEE Standards Association, discusses the importance of sharing challenges, opportunities, requirements, and lessons learned across traditionally “silo-ed” disciplines for the realization of universal, affordable Internet.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is key to removing roadblocks and accelerating cost-efficient progress towards universal, affordable Internet access. The IEEE Internet Initiative is a cross-organizational, multi-domain community that connects technologists and policy makers from around the word to help facilitate conversations across disciplines and work towards solutions. As Karen stresses in her article, open communication is crucial to connecting those who are being left behind, so whether you are in technology or policy it’s time to work together towards creating a connected world.

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