IEEE Standards Association: Raising the World’s Standards


The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) created and is well known for a globally open and inclusive environment for consensus-building and widely-respected and adopted technology standards used around the world. It is also known for its innovation.

Today, 14 October 2019—World Standards Day—IEEE SA begins a transformation with a new visual identity and tagline: Raising the World’s Standards. This transformation reflects IEEE SA’s new identity and expansion to new territories both in geography and technology, and in business and industry sectors.

The IEEE SA platform is open to people and communities from around the world working at every stage of technological development. The development and use of market-relevant standards is important and prevalent as ever—and so are new market and industry needs and drivers. To meet these needs and expectations, IEEE SA has grown to include a variety of services that encompass the full lifecycle of a standard, including pre-standardization activities, conformity assessment, alliance management and many other offerings.

New ecosystems have also opened up allowing experts to address important matters that are contextual and critical to the future of technology, such as trust and transparency. IEEE SA members are addressing important questions that have emerged today, including the impact of digital technology on our children, and what it means for their future. Global ethics experts and technologists alike are examining how to instill values into system design. IEEE SA is also embracing the open source community to realize promising beneficial synergies between the two communities that will help bridge the gap between open source and standards.

IEEE has the mission: Advancing Technology for Humanity. IEEE SA is proud to support this mission while Raising the World’s Standards to address the global challenges of our time and to make the world a better place.

Join IEEE SA in Raising the World’s Standards.

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