IEEE SA Group Dedicated to Helping Stop eCrime


The IEEE SA’s Industry Connections Security Group (ICSG),  is dedicated to helping promote collaboration and information sharing across the IT security industry and is open to participation.  To date, the ICSG has worked to form the following Groups to help address common issues in the IT security arena:

  • ICSG Malware Group
    The group’s goal is to try to solve some of the malware related issues the industry faces today.
  • ICSG Malware Metadata Exchange Format (MMDEF) Group
    Helping to expand the information that is captured and shared about malware.
  • ICSG Privilege Management Protocols (PMP) Group
    Focus on aiding in developing  protocols for efficient authentication and secure determination of “who can do what”.

The ICSG has also begun a new ICSG Stop eCrime Group who’s main focus is to help stop electronic crime and mitigate its threat to societies and economies that are dependent on ICT.  This effort was born out of earlier IEEE SA ICSG and Anti-phishing Working Group meetings in 2010  and is chaired by Paul Laudanski, a Cybercrime Investigator and veteran Internet Security professional.

Our esteemed colleague John Quarterman wrote about this effort, as did Dave Piscatello, in his recent post.  To date the Stop-eCrime Group has focused on two fundamental objectives:

  1. The development of standards, protocols and resources to aid in the exchange of data in response to electronic crime events (to facilitate forensic applications and provenance-tracing routines), and
  2. The establishment of formal protocols for the remediation of networked machines that have been commandeered into the electronic crime infrastructure (to routinize hygienic processes to keep network resources out the hands of criminal actors)

We are encouraging interested individuals across the industry to engage in this dynamic new movement.

  • Voice your interest in participating, e-mail paul (at) laudanski (dot) com.

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