IEEE SA and TU Delft Host Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Technology


‘Incorporating Ethical Considerations in Autonomous & Intelligent Systems (A/IS) – Policy & Industry Requirements in the Algorithmic Age’ was the topic of an interactive workshop that took place in The Hague on 11 June 2018, jointly organized by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) and TU Delft’s Delft Design for Values (DDFV) Institute.

Through the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) and related initiatives, IEEE has been aiming to incorporate ethical aspects of human well-being into its work by providing an incubation space for new standards and consensus-building for ethical implementation of intelligent technologies. TU Delft’s DDFV Institute is a leading institution in that space.

A list of all distinguished speakers and moderators can be found here.

The workshop’s first session discussed how to empower the digital society through trust-enabling solutions and data-related technologies. The panelists shared their thoughts on how digital citizens can leverage algorithmic learnings while balancing the solutions’ power and risks related to data misuse or the application of such systems through the use of laws, regulations, and also voluntary standards. The session showed that the implementation of relevant technology standards and associated consensus solutions is one instrument that policy makers can use in their work, relying on trusted – and neutral – standardization processes that give every interested stakeholder a voice.

The second session focused on the industry perspective on A/IS and standardization with speakers providing insights and recommendations into how industry can make data-centered outcomes more beneficial not only for industry, but importantly also for society and people.

This joint workshop saw a strong multistakeholder attendance, including policy community, A/IS professionals, academics, private industry and civil society. This workshop was one of several IEEE SA engagement activities during the week of its Standards Board meetings in The Hague, where other events and bilateral meetings also took place.

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