Ethernet expands into new application areas: The Connected Car


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Technologists around the world have been working for years to create infrastructure and networks to expand connectivity globally with the goal of connecting more people in more ways to improve life. And this dream is coming to realization with the emergence of the Internet of Things with Ethernet and its standards playing a major role in moving this innovation forward.

In the Wired article, The Internet of Things and the Connected Person , Dr. Chuck Adams, 2009-2010 Past President of the IEEE Standards Association says that at the heart of this innovation is not so much a focus on the devices being linked up, but the “connected person” – allowing humans to make use of applications and services that are enabled by these devices. It’s a vision, in which, a person can utilize a smart car to stay connected to the world while reaching a destination efficiently, productively, and safely.

With connected cars expected to reach the road as early as 2020, the publication of IEEE 802.3bw™-2015 100BASE-T1 standard is quite timely. Primarily driven by the needs of the global automotive industry, this Ethernet standard is yet again another example of Ethernet’s versatility and expansion into new applications.

IEEE 802.3bw-2015 supports 100 megabit per second (Mb/s) Ethernet operation over a single, balanced, twisted pair cable in the connected car. It will not only influence functional vehicle design, but also support a new world of electronic design in vehicle electrification, in-vehicle applications, and real-time connectivity with the outside world.

Learn more about this Ethernet standard from Steve Carlson, chair, IEEE P802.3p™ 100BASE-T1 Gigabit Ethernet Task Force. In the following articles, Steve shares more about IEEE 802.3bw-2015, its applications, and the potential it brings to the connected car industry:

Ethernet has and continues to be the robust technology behind so much innovation. However, the role of this Ethernet standard for the connected car is just one piece in a much larger, exciting story – the connected person.

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