IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

New and revised standards projects, as well as new and revised standards put forth for approval by the Standards Board.

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

May 2020



New PARs

  • P3201 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Access Control
  • P3202 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Capability Evaluation Requirements of Blockchain Practitioners
  • P3203 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability Naming Protocol
  • P3204 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability - Cross Chain Transaction Consistency Protocol
  • P3205 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Interoperability - Data Authentication and Communication Protocol
  • P3206 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Classification
  • P3207 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Identification
  • P3208 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Exchange Model
  • P3209 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain Identity Key Management
  • P3210 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Digital Identity System Framework
  • P3211 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Blockchain-based Electronic Evidence Interface Specification
  • P3214 (C/BDL)
    Standard for Testing Specification of Blockchain Systems
  • P1484.1 (C/LT)
    Guide for Conceptual Model for Learning Technology Systems (CM4LTS)
  • P1484.2 (C/LT)
    Recommended Practice for Integrated Learner Record (ILR)
  • P1484.20.2 (C/LT)
    Recommended Practices for Defining Competencies
  • P2881 (C/LT)
    Standard for Learning Metadata
  • P3001.3 (IAS/ICPS/SDC)
    Recommended Practice for the Design of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems: Voltage Considerations
  • P2880 (PE/SWG)
    Standard for High Voltage Direct Current Circuit Breakers Above 3200 Vdc
  • P1609.20 (VT/ITS)
    Recommended practice for extending the functionality of IEEE Std 1609.2

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1619.2 (C/CPSC)
    Standard for Wide-Block Encryption for Shared Storage Media
  • P15026-2 (C/S2ESC)
    Systems and software engineering--Systems and software assurance--Part 2: Assurance case
  • P807 (PE/ED&PG)
    Recommended Practice for Unique Identification in Hydroelectric Facilities
  • P1187 (PE/ESSB)
    Recommended Practice for Installation Design and Installation of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P1635 (PE/ESSB)
    Guide for the Ventilation and Thermal Management of Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • PC62.92.4 (PE/SPDHV)
    Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in Electrical Utility Systems--Part IV: Distribution
  • P1782 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Collecting, Categorizing, and Utilizing Information Related to Electric Power Distribution􀀁 Interruption Events
  • P1609.2 (VT/ITS)
    Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments--Security Services for Applications and Management Messages
  • P1653.1 (VT/RTSC)
    Standard for Traction Power Rectifier Transformers for Substation Applications up to 1500 V DC Nominal Output
  • P1 (SASB/SCC04)
    Recommended Practice - General Principles for Temperature Limits in the Rating of Electrical Equipment and for the Evaluation of Electrical Insulation
  • P2030 (SASB/SCC21)
    Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), End-Use Applications, and Loads

Modified PARs

  • P802.15.4z (C/LM)
    Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks  Amendment: Enhanced Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) Physical Layers (PHYs) and Associated Ranging Techniques
  • P2830 (C/SAB)
    Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Trusted Execution Environment based Shared Machine Learning

New Standards

  • C57.32a (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Procedure for Neutral Grounding Devices Amendment: Neutral Grounding Resistors Section (AM)- Amendment 1
  • 2746 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Evaluating AC Interference on Linear Facilities Co-Located Near Transmission Lines

Revision Standards

  • 802.15.4 (C/LM)
    IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks
  • 485 (PE/ESSB)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • C62.11 (PE/SPDHV)
    IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (> 1 kV)
  • 1277 (PE/TR)
    IEEE Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors and for Dry-Type Converter Reactors for DC Power Transmission