IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

New and revised standards projects, as well as new and revised standards put forth for approval by the Standards Board.

IEEE SA Standards Board Approvals

16 June 2021


New PARs

  • P2997 (C/LT)
    Standard for Enterprise Learner Record
  • P2995 (C/S2ESC)
    Trial-Use Standard for a Quantum Algorithm Design and Development
  • P2998 (C/S2ESC)
    Recommended Practice for Building Accessible Applications
  • P2861.4 (CTS/SC)
    Standard for Game Voice Enhancement for Mobile Gaming
  • P1017.4 (IAS/PCI)
    Recommended Practice for Testing and Rating of Electrical Submersible Pump Motors
  • PN42.46 (IM/RNIS)
    Standard for Determination of the Imaging Performance of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Systems for Cargo and Vehicle Security Screening
  • PN42.59 (IM/RNIS)
    Standard for Measuring the Imaging Performance of Millimeter-Wave Systems for Security Screening of Humans
  • P2999 (PHO/SC)
    Guide for Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Industrial Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
  • P3101 (PHO/SC)
    Standard for Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Interrogator Standard – Terminology and Definitions
  • PC93.5-2021/Cor 1 (PE/PSCC)
    Standard for Power Line Carrier Transmitter/Receiver Equipment used to Transfer Discrete Teleprotection Signals - Corrigendum 1: To add Table 3 which is referenced and required but missing in IEEE Std C93.5
  • PC62.42.5 (PE/SPDLV)
    Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Components in Surge Protective Devices and Equipment Ports - Part 5: 2-Terminal Electronic Current Limiters
  • P1048b (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines Amendment: Differentiating the Fabric Carrier Mat and the Rigid Carrier Mat


PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P1914.3 (COM/MobiNet-SC)
    Standard for Radio over Ethernet Encapsulations and Mappings
  • P1857 (C/DC)
    Standard for Advanced Audio and Video Coding
  • P1857.3 (C/DC)
    Standard for System of Advanced Audio and Video Coding
  • P1278.1 (C/SI)
    Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation--Application Protocols
  • PC37.63 (PE/SWG)
    Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry-Vault, and Submersible Automatic Line Sectionalizers for Alternating Current Systems Up to 38 kV
  • PC37.74 (PE/SWG)
    Standard Requirements for Subsurface, Vault, and Padmounted Load-Interrupter Switchgear and Fused Load-Interrupter Switchgear for Alternating Current Systems up to 38 kV
  • P1564 (PE/T&D)
    Guide for Voltage Sag Indices
  • PC135.80 (PE/T&D)
    Standard for Fasteners for Overhead Line Construction


Modified PARs

  • P11073-10700 (EMB/11073)
    Health Informatics -- Device Interoperability -- Part 10700: Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication -- Standard for Base Requirements for Participants in a Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) System
  • P1588d (IM/ST)
    Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems Amendment: Guidelines for selecting and operating a Key Management System


Withdrawn PARs

  • P1914.3a (COM/MobiNet-SC)
    Standard for Radio over Ethernet Encapsulations and Mappings Amendment 1: Encapsulation Enhancements and Elaborations, Additional Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Functions, Management Model, Clarification on Relationships between Parameters


New Standards

  • 1904.2 (COM/AccessCore-SC)
    IEEE Standard for Control and Management of Virtual Links in Ethernet-based Subscriber Access Networks
  • 802.3cp (C/LM)
    IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 14: Bidirectional 10 Gb/s, 25 Gb/s, and 50 Gb/s Optical Access PHYs
  • 802.3ct (C/LM)
    IEEE Standard for Ethernet - Amendment: Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 100 Gb/s Operation over DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) systems
  • 7000 (C/S2ESC)
    IEEE Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design
  • 2830 (C/SAB)
    IEEE Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Trusted Execution Environment based Shared Machine Learning
  • 1752.1 (EMB/Stds Com)
    IEEE Standard for Mobile Health Data
  • C37.122.7 (PE/SUB)
    IEEE Guide for Field Testing of Gas-Insulated Substations Rated above 52 kV
  • C37.04-2018/Cor 1 (PE/SWG)
    IEEE Standard for Ratings and Requirements for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers with Rated Maximum Voltage Above 1000 V - Corrigendum 1
  • 1806 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Reliability Based Placement of Overhead and Underground Switching and Overcurrent Protection Equipment Up to and Including 38 kV
  • 2745.2 (PE/T&D)
    IEEE Guide for Technology of Unified Power Flow Controller Using Modular Multilevel Converter: Part 2 Terminology
  • 2839 (BOG/CAG)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Vital Computer for Rail Safety-related Application
  • 2857 (BOG/CAG)
    IEEE Standard for Wireless Smart Utility Network Field Area Network (FAN)
  • 2977 (BOG/CAG)
    IEEE Standard for Adoption of MIPI Alliance Specification for A-PHY Interface (A-PHY) Version 1.0


Revised Standards

  • 802.15.9 (C/LM)
    IEEE Standard for Transport of Key Management Protocol (KMP) Datagrams
  • 1349 (IAS/PCI)
    IEEE Guide for the Application of Electric Machines in Zone 2 and Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • 1725 (PE/ESSB)
    IEEE Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones
  • C37.122 (PE/SUB)
    IEEE Standard for High Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations Rated Above 52 kV
  • 280 (SASB/SCC14)
    IEEE Standard Letter Symbols for Quantities Used in Electrical Science and Electrical Engineering
  • 1562 (SASB/SCC21)
    IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) Systems