Policies and Procedures
Comprehensive information about IEEE-SA governance, as well as links to relevant governing documents and boards and committees that support the standards development lifecycle.


8. Maintenance

8.1 Maintenance and modification of the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual
This manual will be maintained by the IEEE Standards Department Staff and reviewed by legal counsel. Proposed modifications to this manual shall be submitted to the Secretary of the IEEE-SA BOG.

Any amendments to this manual shall be approved by a majority vote of the IEEE-SA BOG, with advance notice prior to said vote.

Additionally, the Board of Directors has identified that changes related to specific responsibilities directed to the Major Organizational Units (OUs) shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors using the process in accordance with IEEE Bylaw I-300.4(5). The following chart indicates the clauses of this manual for which IEEE-SA is responsible that shall follow that process and for which review and consent shall be obtained by additional Major Boards or Committees, as indicated, prior to submission to the IEEE Board of Directors.

IEEE-SA Operations Manual clause/activity   Involved OU(s) review/consent
6.1 Membership qualifications Membership categories (individuals, not-for-profit and for-profit enterprises)

Deliberation: SA
Review/Consent: SA
Approval: SA

8.2 Interpretations of the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual

Requests for interpretations of this document shall be directed to the Secretary of the IEEE-SA BOG. The Secretary of the IEEE-SA BOG shall respond to the request within 30 days of receipt. Such response shall indicate either an interpretation or a specified time limit when such an interpretation will be forthcoming. The time limit shall be no longer than is reasonable to allow consideration of and recommendations on the issue.

8.3 Conflict with IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws
If review of any proposed changes to the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws reveals a conflict with its governing documents (see IEEE Bylaw I-300.1), the IEEE-SA President shall appoint a task force to resolve the issue. The task force shall consist of five members. Two of the members shall be selected from the IEEE-SA BOG or its standing committees. One of the members shall be selected from the IEEE-SA Standards Board. The chair of the Procedures Committee of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and IEEE-SA legal counsel shall be members of this task force. This task force shall use all means at its disposal (teleconferences, meetings, videoconferences, mail, electronic mail, and fax) to resolve the conflict in a timely fashion and report its findings to the IEEE-SA BOG.